Legoland Korea

I love theme parks! And if I have lots of money I would visit every theme park in the world. Seriously.
I was excited when I first learned from the news late last year that Legoland will be built in Chuncheon. However, the project hit a snag when dolmen were discovered at the site this year. A few days ago, I saw on the news that the construction will push through. A date for the opening of the theme park has been set in March 2017. That’s only three years from now ~ before Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.
Legoland Korea will take the entirety of Jungdo Island ~ approximately 1.3 million square meters. Aside from the theme park, a hotel, entertainment street, water park, premium outlet and a history museum ~ you read it right ~ will also be built on the island.

Legoland design map
Legoland Korea

I love that theme parks in Korea are not so expensive. The entrance fee to my favorite theme park in Korea ~ Everland ~ is less than 50 USD, but I have NEVER PAID FULL PRICE whenever we go there. In November, KEB offers 10,000 won tickets to the theme park to its credit card customers.
So I hope that Legoland Korea also won’t be too expensive.

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