Pag-Ibig Fund Korea

I’m not a fan of get-rich quick schemes ~ I’ve always believed that we should work hard to get what we deserve. A few years ago, almost everyone I knew in Korea had invited me to join “Emgoldex”, “Swissgolden” and others I already forgot. Now many of those who “invested” in them wished they didn’t do so. They lost money and only those who invested when the scams were in its early stages really benefited from them ~ albeit unfairly.
If you’re a Filipino in Korea and you’re looking to invest your money, a good option is PAG-IBIG FUND. It is a government-backed investment plan ~ and it is definitely not a scam. For years, I never really thought about PAG-IBIG FUND, until I attended the screening of “Heneral Luna” at the War Memorial early this year. Mr. Dominic Leoligao asked me if I were a member of PAG-IBIG. As far as I could remember, I contributed to the fund at my last employment before coming here in 2003. He searched for my record and sent the information via email. I was surprised to learn that my meager contribution had doubled!
PAG-IBIG FUND KOREA is open to every Filipino in the country. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Filipino citizen or a Korean citizen, EPS worker or marriage immigrant, student or religious leader, “artista” or with visa.
According to their Facebook page:

Secure your future and save it with Pag-IBIG Fund..Ang Pag-IBIG Fund ay para sa lahat:
*artista / tnt
*change name
*korean spouses /dual citizenship
*filipino converted to korean citizen
*household worker
*religious leaders
*other status of visa

One way to invest your money through PAG-IBIG FUND is with the MP2 Savings or Modified Pag-Ibig 2. The deal is better than savings at ordinary banks:

* only 5 years maturity
* tax free
* government guaranteed
* high yearly interest
(5.3% as of 2015)
* NO dormant account
(pwede mong hulugan ng ilang beses lang sa loob ng 5 taon)

In my case, my type of membership is PAG-IBIG 1. I found out that there are advantages to being a member of PAG-IBIG 1:

Paano mo malaman na ang pag-ibig na hinulugan mo ay Pag-Ibig 1 or Modified Pag-Ibig 2( Mp2 savings).
a.) Kung ang pag-ibig number na hinulugan mo ay nag umpisa ng 1.
b.) Kung ang Pag-Ibig number niyo ay ni register sa POEA.
c.) Kung ang dati mong mga deduction ay sa company na tinatrabaho-an mo sa pinas.
* tax free
* applicable for housing loan
* pwede mong kunin lahat ( lump-sum) pag 240 months na yung total contributions mo
* government guaranteed
* pwede mong gawin monthly pension pag mag retire ka na.

I want to continue contributing to PAG-IBIG especially that the interest rate at banks is almost negligible at 2%.
When I learned that PAG-IBIG FUND also has a raffle promo event, I’m even more encouraged to make my contributions.
If you wanna learn more about PAG-IBIG FUND, join the Facebook group administered by Mr. Leoligao or you could contact him at 010-7145-0385. You can find him at the Philippine Embassy too.


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