The "Moon Jae In" policy on Korean citizenship for foreign spouses

Yesterday, June 21st, not a few Facebook friends asked if there is a new “policy” made by President Moon Jae In about easier citizenship process for foreign spouses.
Here are a few of the messages on the internet that spread yesterday:

Before we believe everything on the internet, ask the poster where he or she got the source. New immigration policies are announced in a press conference and it is sure to be on the news. If they could not provide a link to a legitimate news source, it is most likely fake. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. (When I post policies I see on the internet, I post my source. Regarding immigration policies, I’ve downloaded the “Sojourn for Foreigners in Korea” that the Immigration Office uploads on their website. You could also check their website for news.)
I took it to myself to call the immigration and here’s what the Immigration Officer said:

If you want to verify by yourself, please call 1345 ~ you could use your cellphone!
As a blogger and a co-admin of a Facebook group that has over 30,000 members, I get a lot of messages. I hope community leaders and other bloggers would be responsible enough to not spread false information or make up false information.
Photo by Kate SERBIN on Unsplash