Foreigners Flea Market in South Korea

Foreigners Flea Market

Foreigners Flea Market organized by Seoul Global Center

Seoul Global Center Foreigners’ Flea Market is an event that enables people from all over the world to understand each other’s cultures by sharing their stuff. Through Foreigners’ Flea Market , Korean resident and foreign residents will get to know each other better, and at the same time , they will be encouraged to recycle. Also, voluntary donations from the vendors will spread the giving culture in our society.

  • Date & Time: The second half of the year September ~ October (2times) refer to for exact dates)
  • Venue: Gwanghwamun Square or DDP
  • Operation Hours: 11:00 ~ 17:00
  • Vendor Qualification : Foreigners living in Seoul (about 30 groups are accepted for each event)

How to apply for Vendor Registration : Please register through our website ( (First come , First Serve)

How to donate : Deliver the donation envelop to the operation headquarters in the market at closing time.

Entry Fee: Free of Charge

Items for Sale: Used items, traditional handicrafts, souvenirs, gifts, etc. ( Items NOT permitted for Sale: Food, living organisms, illegal reproductions of other goods, medication , any kind of liquor, dangerous, items (knives, flammable items, fluid fuels, firearms,)fake luxury goods, and adult products, and any other item that the organizer determines to be inappropriate to sell at the market.

 Electric power is not available * Vendors should bring small change and varying denominations of paper notes to make change for buyers. * Vendors are strongly recommended to sue public transportation to avoid heavy traffic congestion caused by traffic control during the event. * You may donate any amount of your proceeds. Your donation will be much appreciated and added toa charity fund. * You must clean your own site before you move-out. There are no trash cans around the market. You must take your waste home.

Seoul Global Center is operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to help foreigners living in Seoul. We offer diverse services that expats might need for living in Seoul including daily living counseling services, expert counseling services, Korean classes , volunteer activities and so on.

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