the case of the kimchi fridge

on tv right now… Primetime featuring Lord of the Rings on AFN
i’m dreaming of a white christmas… NOT!… i still want a paskong pinoy and that’s why i’m going home this holiday… la-la-la-la-la… before that, let’s go back to the topic first.
the case of the kimchi fridge (or kimchi nengjanggo)… last weekend, my in-laws came here because my mother-in-law was going to celebrate her birthday (last sunday) and they asked all their children if they want to have a kimchi fridge… my hubby doesn’t want it… i’m not quite sure if i want it or not, since we don’t have one in the philippines (we don’t need it there)…. so last monday, my parents-in-law and I went to the nearest Samsung store and spent about 20 minutes choosing a kimchi ref but they didn’t see what they like… after that, we went to E-mart with my sister-in-law and her hubby… and again they didn’t find anything they like…. it was almost 3pm when we went to Carrefour… and alas! they were able to choose something after an hour… so they ordered the kimchi fridge and they also bought me a vacuum cleaner (thanks so much!!!)… so they were supposed to deliver last wednesday… but last thursday morning, they called me up and asked to talked to my hubby (because i can’t speak korean)… unfortunately, my hubby cancelled it… thursday afternoon, my first sister-in-law called me up asking whether the kimchi fridge has been delivered, i said no… late night, at around 10pm, my hubby’s second brod called up and told my hubby that their father was angry because he (second brod) chose another model (of the kimchi fridge)… after dinner (samgyeopsal at 1030pm), father-in-law called and scolded my hubby (bwahaha!)…. he asked him to come up with a good explanation why he cancelled the kimchi fridge… oh well! i really like the home theatre… and maybe some discount furniture too since our house is so empty!


  1. i read this and learned that you don’t speak Korean so how do you communicate with your husband and his family? does he speak good English? 🙂

    1. Hi gel! My husband speaks English well. We communicate in English at home. After eight years, my Korean isn’t still as fluent as I’d like it to be.

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