?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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?? Which Country Are You From ??
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Season = Summer
You’re Most Like The Season Summer … Whoa…. Passionate eh ?? Typically you’re a fiery,
zesty dominant person. As the hottest season,
you certainly ooze Sex appeal. You have
confidence which draws people to you, and you
have the makings of a good leader. However sometimes your exterior is stronger then
you are and so you scare people off before they
can get close. Well done… You’re the most memorable of seasons

?? Which Season Are You ??
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! You are most Like A Sapphire ! Dark, mysterious – but unforgettable. You have a
deep beauty. Delicate, and shy you try to stay away from
the limelight but often your intelligence puts you in
at the deep end. You’re like a Sapphire, because, your
beauty is priceless. You’re intelligent, full of opinions, and not big-
headed about it all. Sometimes you need to put yourself out there, as
you can be a bit shy. Congratulations … You’re the mysterious gem
everybody wants to have and learn more about.

?? Which Precious Gem Are You ??
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