Celebrity Sighting: Lee Hyori in person!

wow! do you know lee hyori? she just happens to be THE most beautiful and sexiest gasoo (singer) in Korea!!!!!!! and she’s even more beautiful in person…
last friday night, i was browsing the chosun website and read that lee hyori will be signing photobooks in COEX… no date and time was indicated… i asked my husband to search for it on the internet and we were lucky to discover lee hyori’s website…
July 18, 2004 3PM
photobook signing
Bandi & Luni’s Bookstore, COEX Mall
this morning, i woke up at 11AM… prepared brunch (miyeok-guk, fried ham and p’an-chan)… after eating, i took a shower and asked my husband to go there with me… he was supposed to go to the library but he was kind enough to accompany me to COEX…
so we left our home at 2:15 PM and arrived at the mall at 3:10 PM… in front of the bookstore was a small nook selling the books… if you buy one, the guys will give you a poster and have them signed by lee hyori… unfortunately, 19,900 won was too much (for us, at least!) so we decided not to buy and just stroll inside the bookstore… after an hour we went out and while walking we heard some people screaming lee hyori’s name…
it was in the “event circle” of COEX… so many people were there taking pictures of lee hyori and lining up to have their books signed… oh boy! it was really an experience for me… but we’re so unlucky we don’t have a camera 😀
anyway, my husband left me there to buy a film… a few moments after, the guard started allowing the people to come nearer… lee hyori is really gorgeous… even more beautiful in person that on screen or photos… my husband was not able to buy a film… and lee hyori had just finished signing autographs…
before leaving the venue, i saw two girls with ID’s and a box of posters… one korean gilr took one poster but she was asked to give back the posters… i waited for a few minutes and asked the girl if i can have a poster… she said she can’t but she also asked me to keep quiet… she took a poster from the box and gave it to me!!!!
wow i was floored… i thanked her a lot… the poster was also signed!
oh wow!!!!
Lee Hyori


  1. wow, i can’t believe that you met lee hyolee in real life. that’s so awesome and lucky of you!
    she’s been my favorite korean female star! =)

  2. Yes! shes pretty i guess.Watched 2 k-dramas of her..Loving YOU and Yellow Handkerchief!..I visited COEX mall too…

  3. i liked Lee Hyori in episodes of Family Outing. I think she kinda looks like Aubrey Miles..

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