The Secret Garden

I’m currently reading “The Secret Garden”, a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It’s about a girl, Mary, who was orphaned in India and was “adopted” by her uncle in England. I have seen at least two movie versions of this novel and I really enjoy watching them. So why am I reading this book now? You see, a friend of my husband gave him a PDA, just the unit and the expansion pack. We bought the USB connector and an adapter in Yongsan a few months ago. He thought he’d use it as a dictionary, but it was too cumbersome for him. He just left it here (at home)… I haven’t bought another book after finishing Jeffrey Archer’s The Fourth Estate. Books here are quite expensive. So I thought I’d just use my husband’s PDA to read books. I downloaded MS Reader from Microsoft and found free e-books on the net which are mostly classics.
I usually read inside the bathroom… hehe… and I have finished half the e-book so far. I would love to have my own secret garden. I’d read all my favorite books there while I lie down in a hammock. Sweet.


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