A very busy week!

Last week was “very” busy for me! My parents-in-law were in the city for a full week and they spent 3 of those days with us. So apart from my regular part-time job, I also had to take care of the household (and my parents-in-law as well). They didn’t really interfere much, I just had to prepare breakfast for them. No big deal since my mom-in-law does the same thing when we’re in their home. They let me do the things I usually do (like stay in front of the computer for hours!) and just go out touring the city. They bought me some cosmetics (toner, skin lotion, powder, lipstick) and offered to buy me some clothes from the Lotte Department Store. My husband refused them though. He was afraid that nothing will fit me! šŸ˜€
So why were they here? To attend a wedding. One of my husband’s cousins got married (April 17) and of course, family members should be present. Unfortunately, the sister of the groom who lives in the US wasn’t able to fly home because of her studies (and family– her husband is a university professor).
We spent our Saturday morning in Cheong Wa Dae (Presidential palace or the “Blue House”) and Bugaksan (Bugak mountain). Then we had “yuk ge jang” (spicy beef soup) for lunch in Seongbuk-gu. In the afternoon, we dropped off my mom-in-law at her family’s home. She had to help with the food preparation, being the groom’s auntie. My husband and I, with my father-in-law drove to the Children’s Grand Park. It was soooo crowded… moms and dads with their kids, college students from the nearby Sejong University, ajummas and ajoshis in droves, young couples, grandpas and grandmas… it seems like half of Seoul’s population were there. We enjoyed the flowers of different colors all around… the noise of the children playing… the sight of families relaxing under the shades… the music being played by a folk trio from Ecuador… it was tiring but we had a great time.
We spent Saturday evening at our keun abujonim’s (eldest brother-in-law) home with the whole family. Agashi (sister-in-law) and her husband plus their two kids arrived from Jecheon. We ate dinner together and it was a lot of fun as everybody was pissed off by Jaeheok’s (second brother-in-law’s three year old son) noise and naughtiness. We went home at ten past nine because my husband wanted to watch the drama about Admiral Lee Sun Shin.


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