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I’ve only experienced spring twice so far but it’s easily my favorite season. A lot of people hate winter but I don’t, because after winter comes this season of flowers.
Koreans are proud that they have four distinct seasons. I can understand why. Every season has its own charm, its own characteristic but spring is the most beautiful. If I can just assign the number of months for a season, I’d make half the year spring and the remaining months for the three other seasons.

Spring at Seoul Children's Grand Park
Spring at Seoul Children’s Grand Park

I just love spring. Everything is so wonderful and so colorful. The trees are green and the flowers of different colors and different types are in full bloom. The days are longer and warm. It’s almost sunny everyday except for a few rainshowers in various days. Luckily, Korea has so many parks where you can spend a gorgeous spring afternoon sitting on the grass or over a mat with your friends or family.
Last month, we joined hundreds of thousands of Seoul citizens (Koreans and foreigners alike) in celebrating the season. I went to the Children’s Grand Park one Saturday afternoon with my husband and father-in-law. My parents-in-law were in Seoul during that time to attend the wedding of their nephew. It was April 16 and the peak season for cherry blossom viewing. The place was packed with people… parents with their children, lovers, students, senior citizens, photo hobbyists and so on.
We took the time to explore every part of the park — the zoo, botanical garden, water fountain, museum. There was a “tiangge” where you can buy handicrafts from different countries. Some countries that participated were Australia, India, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Russia, USA and Canada. There was no booth from the Philippines, though. An Indian trio from Peru performed to the crowd gathered outside the venue.
The main attraction of the park during that time were the cherry blossom trees lined along the main walkway of the park. It’s as if almost everyone was trying to get their pictures taken on that road. Of course, I took some pictures too. There were other colorful flowers that were just soooo beautiful to ignore.


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