I’ve finally decided to merge my original blog with this one. It’s all because it’s too difficult to maintain two websites at the same time. Anyway, I’m going to write mostly about my life here in Korea and this seem to be the more appropriate venue. The only thing is I’m stuck with a cheesy domain name :D. It’s not a big deal though, I’ve been “cheesy” and “jologs” for a long time.
I just wanted to save bandwidth and webspace. I thought that maintaining two blogs with photo galleries with the same content wouldn’t be too practical. I could use the webspace and bandwidth for more practical uses, like that website for a foundation proposed by annabanana. I also need a lot of time for myself. I haven’t been getting a lot of those these days.
Anyway, I would try my best to finish the “styling” for this website as soon as possible. I would be away this weekend (like always!) though, because I’d be attending my husband’s best friend’s wedding.

  1. hehehe thanks for the blog plug! oo nga simulan na natin yung teachers foundation website…we need to help the teachies..alam mo na, for the future of our beloved motherland! enjoy your weekend my dear!

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