Designer Pronunciations

I was looking for a potato soup with leeks recipe on and lingered a little bit more when I found this page.
I thought it’s a very educational page for social climbers and fashionistas alike. I can’t afford these brands but at least I would know how to pronounce them correctly. 😉
Fashion designer name pronunciation


  1. thanks for the link! After listening to all the correct pronunciations of their names, I now know that all this time, i’ve been mispronouncing almost half of the names in the list. :p
    Btw, i was surprised to read here that you were searching for a potato soup with leeks recipe. I was about to do the same after watching Iron Chef last night. Chef Michiba and the challenger had to use potatoes in their dishes. Ang galing naman, pareho pa tayo ng titingnan. 🙂

  2. hi dere. i find tt e link was very much useful but i cant access to their files. May i noe which media u used to play it? thnks! 😉

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