Jeon Ji Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun for Laneige
Jeon Ji Hyun for Laneige

Met Anna last Saturday in Sinyongsan station. While waiting for her (first time for me), I saw this big Jeon Ji Hyun billboard. It’s not her best image but it’s big :D. I first saw her in the movie “My Sassy Girl (Yeopgijeogin geunyeo)” a few years ago and loved her since then. This afternoon, I was tuned in to YTN Star and saw a feature of Jeon Ji Hyun’s movie with Jung Woo Sung (the second most good looking guy in Korea, after Jang Dong Gun) while they were filming in the Netherlands. I’ll definitely watch out for that movie.

  1. i’m also a big fan of Jeon Ji-hyun. i’ve been searching the web for her official website in english. iba talaga ang arrive nya! i’m already 36 pero tumubo pa rin sakin ang pagiging pinoy fan! yuk. Honestly…gusto ko syang pakasalan!

  2. ellow jeon,your so very beautyfull lady said my friend and he go to korea to see you only!!!
    bye good health
    good self
    good morning hehhehehehhe!!!!!
    hehhe i’m fanny^_^bye

  3. oi pinoy ka rin gusto mo pang pakasalan ha!!!
    lkas L hehehe
    un kaybigan ko nga eh!
    patay na patay ka jeon pupunta pa sa korea para lang kay jeon ano pah!!
    naloloko na nga eh!
    pag gabi isipngisip kay jeon 10x na nya pinapanood un “MY SASSY GIRL”
    natatawa nga kami dun eh!
    wlang bukang bunganga kundi c jeon
    sige d2 nalang ^_^

  4. hi jeon! umaasa parin ako, nagaabang sa puno ng pangako nagiisip kung paano baka ang pangako mo’y biglang mapako
    huwag naman sanang mangyari baka ang puso ko’y biglang mayari
    my sassy girl ikaw lang para sa akin pangako ko’y di ka paluluhain
    my sassy girl sana ikaw ay mapaskin pagsamo ko sana ay tanggapin mo.

  5. Hi Jeon Ji Hyun!!:)
    Im from philippines:)
    One of your greatest fans ever!!
    “SASSY GiRL & WiNdStRuct”

  6. hmmm.. im a big fan of jeon ji hyun, from the first tym i saw her in “my sassy girl” i really like her na.. i love the story of my sassy girl, especially jeon’s attiude in the movie.. and kahit ilang times ko panoorin un d ako magsasawa

  7. muchas grasas el paquito diaz……..that means hello we are your fans here in Antarctica…..
    You know what we like ur movie Windstruck and My Sassy Girl………..

  8. yobo seyo jeon ji hyun!!!!!!!!!!anyong hashim nika?
    im your no one fan here in philippines
    i like yo very much……..i like the hyuk jang & jeon ji hyun love team in windstruck!!!!!!!
    hope to see you soon
    koma woyo for making us happy everytime we watch your movies

  9. yobo seyo jeon ji hyun!!!!!!!!!!anyong hashim nika?
    im your no one fan here in philippines
    i like yo very much……..i like the hyuk jang & jeon ji hyun love team in windstruck!!!!!!!
    hope to see you soon
    koma woyo for making us happy everytime we watch your movies

  10. I very love you.You are pretty girl.I ever to meet you in my dream.So I very happy.I wish I meet you.

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  13. hi jun!!!i really really like you!!do you know the egg song??it’s so cute like you!!!!take care always.,.,=)

  14. If id be given a chance i would like to see her in person. Kahit sa malayo lang. Super crush ko toh eh..sigh*

  15. hi Jeon ji hyun…sna mpunta ka d2 sa philippines..
    kc crush n crush kita eh nung mapanood ko ung windstruck & sassy girl dina ako maktulog kung anung anung naiisip ko…
    sna mpagbigyan mo kming lahat ng tiga hanga mo…
    cge hanggang d2 nalang po bbye ingatz i’m only 17 year’s old thx….

  16. hi, to miss jeon ji hyun. I hope na she will have a tour here in Philippines. If that happends please visit me in Caloocan. o pag hindi, I will just visit you there at korea.
    12yrs old lng ako ng napanood ko ung my sassy girl na love at first sight nga ko eh. Ganda kc
    jarrens last blog post..Tax break, for foreigners too?

  17. hi! to miss jeon ji hyun, hope your fine im a big fan of your here in the philippines and i hope to that you can visit here in my country, coz there are many fans of you want to see you here!..from jhezz of muntinlupa

  18. I really didn’t believe in angel promise until i see you in the movie.
    tc alwz. muah………………………..

  19. why didn’t you make a korean drama with asian hearththrob vic zhou, this will be a block buster. jeje

  20. tamang tama miss jeon hindi naman malayo ang korea sa pilipinas, pls. visit us here to see all your filipino fans, since i’ve seen some of your movies like Sassy Girl, Windstruck and Daisy your face have stuck up on my mind and i starting for looking and searching more pics. , info about you..thanks and congrats to your career..God bless more!

  21. Hi Idol Jeon Ji Hyun!grabe, cute mo tlga..Simula nung napanood ka My Sassy Girl lagin kitang naiicp, ilang beses sa isang araw…I’m still hoping to see you,here in philippines or maybe in Australia coz i will study there. I’ll try to be a better person just for you..ur my inspiration..sana ikaw mapangasawa ko..I love you Jeon Ji Hyun!!no.1

  22. hi,ms.jeon ji hyun! i like the way you act,and i like your personality…you’re such a vicious chic ever!you’re strong and high-spirited one.hope that we’ll see each other,’coz i really want to see you personally…i’m one of your fans now! ‘my sassy girl’.

  23. i’m an avid fan of my sassy girl and i really love jeon ji hyun, the way she act and her personality. trillion thumbs-up! 😀
    hope i could go to korea someday and meet her. yay! cant wait! 🙂

  24. im a avid fan of Jeon ji hyun 2. and i want to watch the movie Blode the last Vampire!but ders a thing i dont know went it will be show it here in the philippines? can some 1 tell me, ill wait for your knowledge!,,,,,I LOVE Jeon ji hyun a lot,,,,Ice_10 T.G.P

  25. hi jeon ji hyun..ur so beautiful..i love you so much..i hope i can meet you and talk to you someday,,,there something in you that other girls dont have..l…i’ll go there in south korea someday just to see you……goodluck to your career!!i love you my one and only jeon ji hyun!!!
    ur still no.1 in my heart!!
    – daniel
    (a big fan from philippines)<—friendster account

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