"Dog poop girl"

So the “dog poop girl” has reached the western shores. She’s the infamous Korean girl who got off the subway after refusing to clean her dog’s poop. An old man volunteered to clean up the mess after she left. She was featured in the news and her photo was all over the internet last month. Some of them weren’t even blurred, thus showing her face clearly. The poor girl was hunted by netizens and it was reported that she had a hard time coping in her university.

“Subway Fracas Escalates into Test of the Internet’s Power to Shame,�€? the Washington Post headlined a story on the “Dog Poop Girl” on Thursday. The paper said the incident revealed the power of the Internet and provided “a peek into an unsettling corner of the future” of the cyberworld, in turn sparking debate among experts and bloggers in the U.S…
Full story and pictures: “Trial by Internet Casts Spotlight on Korean Cyber Mobs

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