Rainy Day

A friend is going to have a post-birthday party on Saturday and I was tasked to buy the gifts for her with the group dividing the expenses. So I checked Daum’s d&Shop for the item and looked for the cheapest item I could find. 😀 Kidding!
She wanted to have Rain’s (Korean gasoo Bi) Rainy Day DVD concert. It’s available at Kyobo Bookstore for 27,500 KRW. Online, it’s only 26,000 KRW including shipping. The only drawback is that it’s going to take about a week for delivery. Usually, it only takes two to three days when you order online. I ordered anyway because there are extras included. Aside from the 2DVD and remix CD, 10 photographs in a photo album plus a poster are included and another bonus is that it will be signed by Bi! This special version is available for sale until the 24th.
I have to ask my friend if she wants to have her gift on Saturday so I can buy from the bookstore. I’ll just keep the autographed one for myself then :).


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