World's first cloned dog

cloned boshintang in the making…? This is the stuff that science fiction is made of. Is this doctor trying to be like god for “making” the world’s first cloned dog?

World's first cloned dog
World’s first cloned dog

Where man has led, man’s best friend has followed: a dog has been cloned for the first time, by the same team of scientists that first achieved the feat with human embryos.
The birth of Snuppy, an Afghan hound named after the Seoul National University (SNU) in South Korea where it was created, promises to advance both human and veterinary medicine by providing a new model species for research into therapeutic cloning.
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Here’s another…

Stem cell research pioneer Hwang Woo-suk is once again sending tremors through the scientific world by cloning the world’s first dog. “A cloned puppy was born to a surrogate mother on April 24,” the Seoul National University professor said Wednesday. “The puppy is genetically identical to an Afghan hound which provided its somatic cell.”
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Will they attempt to try to create a cloned human after successfully “making” a cloned dog?

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