R.I.P. Sen. Raul Roco

I wonder where I’d been the past two days. It’s only tonight that I learned that former senator Raul Roco had passed away yesterday, 5th of August at St. Luke’s Hospital. He’s one of the few Filipino politicians I admire. He ran for two presidential elections but was never given the chance to serve in that position. He inspired of the young generation that there is still hope for the country. I was one of those ordinary citizens who believed in him and his party, Aksyon Demokratiko. Sadly, I wasn’t able to express it during the last presidential elections.
Raul Roco’s website

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  1. May pag-asa pa! kamusta kayo, let’s all support our Aksyon Demokratiko candidate, the wife of the late Sen. Raul S. Roco, Mrs. Sonia Malasarte Roco as she rans for senator this May 2007 election. She is running under UNO. Thanks!

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