a Pinay on Arirang Radio

Ever heard how a Pinay sounds on Arirang Radio? A good friend of mine, Anna bananing 🙂 had a guesting in Lisa Kelley’s evening program on Arirang radio. They taped the show in late July and was broadcasted on the 17th of August, Wednesday. The radio program Evening Groove features a weekly segment on Wednesdays called “Up! Up! Spelling Bee”.
My husband and I thought she sounded so nice on the radio, even nicer than host Lisa Kelley :D. And of course, we feel proud that she beat her companion on the spelling contest even though the words were all simple.
I’ve seen several Filipinas (and Filipinos) featured on Arirang TV but this is the first time for me to hear a Pinay on Arirang radio. Another friend, Sheila (Mutya ng Cavite) was on Arirang TV a couple of years ago. She was a guest on the program “Heart to Heart,” hosted by Ahn Jung Hyun. I even recorded that particular episode on my VCR!
Anna bananing’s guesting is available for download on her website… 😉


  1. hi ms. luchie! thanks for the visit… unfortunately, there are more filipinas suffering here (from abusive relationships, maltreatment from employers) but we shouldn’t forget to celebrate those who are doing great… like anna bananing 🙂

  2. lisa kelley is hot! i like her.. she’s pretty.. damn, i wanna meet her in person.
    A simple picture with her will make me happy =)

  3. Song Hye Kyo, Lee Young Ae, Jun Ji-Hyun, the prettiest and hottest women in the world! i hope they’ll come and visit the Philippines soon..

  4. Anna Banana’s website is now off… I’ll search the file on my external HDD and upload it again

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