homemade grape juice

About three weeks ago, we bought a box of concord grapes worth 7,000 KRW ($7). It was an impulse purchase because it seemed cheap at that time. We didn’t consider that we can’t possibly eat all those grapes in a week or two.
After three weeks of storage, I decided to make homemade juice out of all those remaining grapes in the fridge. There were five bunches in all that I washed and removed from the stems. Put them all in a soup pot and mashed while waiting for it to boil. After boiling, simmer for 10 minutes and strain using a cheesecloth to another container. When it cooled, I extracted all the remaining juices from the cheesecloth and transfered the juice in a bottle… so simple! It tasted a lot like Welch’s…

Homemade grape juice
Homemade grape juice

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