31 stab wounds and out of danger!

This is the kind of news I don’t often hear in Korea, but they do happen… and when they do, it’s really a big news. It’s sad to know that there are people who don’t have anything better to do but take drugs. And you’ll be amazed to know that those people are usually jobless and you just wonder how they get the money to buy drugs… peddling? The government should work harder to give real jobs to these people… And imagine attacking a 5-year old girl?!!! Life in the Philippines is fun and easy but it’s relatively safer in Korea…

A 5-YEAR-OLD GIRL WAS stabbed 31 times in Navotas past midnight Wednesday and survived.
The victim, who could have been attacked by a drug-crazed man, has been declared out of danger at the hospital.
Full story: Girl stabbed 31 times, survives


  1. It is really sad and frustrating as well that this became the general impression about us pinoys. I could remember well when one of our Brit (gay) was stabbed seven times two years, I asked our security guard and without hesitation, he told me, it was done by a kabayan.
    It turned out, it was not.
    So this is what they do to us.

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