a summer's day in Nami-seom

During my mother’s summer visit in Korea, we went to the island popularly known as the place where some scenes of the famous drama “Winter Sonata” (Bae Yong Joon, Choi Ji Woo, Park Yong Ha) were shot. It is located in the province of Gangwon, where Koreans love to go to relax. Nami-seom or Nami Island (“seom” is Korean for island) looks like a leaf floating on Cheong Pyeong Lake. It has an area of 400,000 sq. m. and circumference of 6 km. To get there, we took the car and drove along the local road for over an hour (traffic was stalled for about 20 min. in Namyangju City).
The Nami Island was named after General Nami, a famous Korean soldier who died at the age of 27 during the Choseon dynasty period. The island is lined with pine trees, weeping willows, maple, and metasequoia. Also, a variety of birds live in the island along with deers, ostriches, rabbits, squirrels, and ducks.
It took us about 4 hours to walk the whole island, trying to cover every square meter of land. Walking is a favorite among visitors as well as biking and boating. There are lodging houses available for those who’d like to stay for the night.
ferry ride to/from namiseom
ferry ride to and from the island
where bae yong joon and choi ji woo biked
bae yong joon and choi ji woo had a bicycle scene here
images of Winter Sonata everywhere!

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