Happy Pepero Day!

What is a “pepero”? It is cookie stick covered in half with chocolate syrup. Remember the “Jack n’ Jill” pretzel sticks in the Philippines? You get the idea!
November 11 is known as Pepero Day here in Korea! It’s a marketing idea concocted by the makers of the popular snack. On this day, people buy boxes of Pepero to give to their loved ones, teachers, classmates, officemates, boyfriends, girlfriends and pets. The date was chosen because “November” is represented by the number 11 in Korean calendar so when you write down the date, it’s gonna be 11.11… all sticks just like Pepero.
The first time I had a Pepero was in the Philippines. My curiousity made me buy a small box of the snack at SM Snack Exchange in SM Pampanga sometime in 2001. The nice thing about it is that it isn’t as sweet as the pretzels I grew up munching on. Still, I prefer the sugar-coated pretzels packaged in snack pouches back home. As far as I can remember it isn’t made by Jack n’ Jill.
Anyway, here’s the official website of Pepero so everybody can get an idea of how the snack looks like. Sorry but no tasting…
P.S. I would have liked to post a “pepero” here but Korea has a new copyright law so I can’t just post pictures without permission from the owner/s.

  1. awww. i’m addicted to this. ang sarap.hehe. and like what you’ve said, it’s not that sweet compared to pretzels..

  2. happy pepero day!!!
    thanks for this post…All day I’ve been hearing about this pepero(some of my friends are avid Korean fans), I thought it was another cartoon! hehe…good thing it’s chocolate! but, since they have no time…all I received were pretzels..hehe anyway! Happy pepero day!! Someday I’ll buy one! ^^

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