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I was tagged by Megastina (ang ina ni Felicity) and I thought that it would be fun to oblige even if I don’t feel comfortable talking about ME (parang true… hehehe).
10 years ago
I was living in Angeles City and had to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning on weekdays to go to work at the University of the Assumption in San Fernando, Pampanga. Work meant teaching all high school students basic computer skills. Work ends at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and by that time I’d be travelling back to Angeles City to attend my 5-9 PM accounting classes. I’d be home by 9:30 PM hungry and sleepy. The next two to three hours after a very late dinner would be spent doing my very long accounting homework and planning for next day’s class.
5 years ago
I was working from 9-5 as an Office Manager in a refueling company inside the Clark International Airport while juggling a very active social life in Manila ;). On Saturdays, I’d be attending my MBA classes from 8-6. That was the same year when my sister Luz and her daughters Leilani and Isabel visited the Philippines for six months!
a year ago
Spending all my free time (and I had lots!) in front of the computer… surfing… PExing… reading blogs (like Megastina’s and Anna Banana’s)… downloading…
Wrote some Christmas cards I bought last year. I hope to be able to send them before Christmas.
It’s my husband’s family’s “jesa” – a rite to honor the ancestors where ceremonial foods are offered- so we’ll have to go to their province. Sigh! I’m gonna miss my friend’s baby shower.
I’ve been suffering from heartburn and indigestion but I don’t mind it. There’s a reason 😉
I’m tagging my co-pinoys here in Korea jangarnet, koreankatie, tabachoy, dzune, and prof. Marlon


  1. Hi betchay, I really had fun reading prof marlons blog (it’s the only one I can open here… the others’ links seem to be corrupted or something). Anyway, me balita ka ba sa kanya? nag-stop kasi yung blog nya ng 2006.
    p.s. I have fun reading your blog, too. binabasa ko mula start… eto, andito pa lang ako ngayon sa entry na to. 🙂 i hope you don’t mind.

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