From the ABS-CBN News website, it was reported that at least 66 people (which could unfortunately still rise) have been killed in a stampede at the ULTRA where a television show will celebrate its first anniversary.  Things like this could have been avoided.  I remember almost the same thing happening last year here in Korea.
It was in October of 2005 when 11 people died at the Sangju Sports Arena in Gyeongsangbukdo here in South Korea.  It was a Sunday and we just got back from watching a movie when almost every channel on television was reporting about the accident.  The images shown were hair-raising.
What’s sad is that there are child victims in both accidents. Children should not die before their parents.

  1. I read about this on some other blog. Kakalungkot how little it must matter to the producers of this show what happened to this people. The show must go on.

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