Have you ever tried “sam-gyeop-sal”? It’s the delicious artery-clogging dish from Korea, best eaten with “soju” (traditional Korean liquor). “Samgyeopsal” is that pork part which consists of the skin, fat and meat. It is called “liempo” in the Philippines or “bacon” in the western world. It is sliced very thinly and then fried or grilled. There are a lot of samgyeopsal restaurants in Seoul. A 200-gram order ranges from 3,500 won to 9,000 won ($3.50-$9.00). As in any Korean restaurant, side dishes are served complimentarily.
One can also enjoy this meal at home cheaply. You can get a 100-gram of samgyeopsal from 900-1,600 won. We usually order about 600-gram (“han-geun”) for my husband and I. Aside from the meat, we have to buy a variety of leaves for wrapping. The most common is “sang-chu” or lettuce but you can also use other leaves such as “ketnip” (perilla) and others that I don’t know the name of. To eat samgyeopsal, you just take a leaf or two (lettuce and perilla), add a piece of meat, slice of garlic, “ssam jang” and if you want, you can also add a slice of kimchi or seasoned green onion (shredded green onion mixed with sesame oil and red pepper). Before placing the meat on the leaf, you might want to dip it in a mixture of salt, sesame oil and black pepper for added taste.
When I went home to the Philippines, I brought home with me a container of “ssam jang” and served samgyeopsal to my family. They loved it! “Ssam jang” is available at any Korean store.


^^leaves used to wrap the meat


^^the meat may be fried or grilled


^^ to eat, take a leaf or two, place them on your palm…
put a meat on top, add a slice of garlic and “ssam jang”
wrap the whole thing and eat!

  1. Gusto ko lang yung pork…he!he!
    worried kase me sa gulay dito sa ‘tin sa Pinas… sna kung organic.
    Pag di kase nawash ng mabuti baka may parasites…
    Pag sa bahay ok lang.

  2. Hi, I am unclear about the samgyeopsal recipe for the meat part. Do you season it first before grilling the meat or do you do it after? I’ve always seen this dish being enjoyed in the korean dramas that I love to watch and I like to try it at home.
    I like to correspond with someone in Korea because I have become interested with the Korean people. I have caught the Korean fever as they say. Watching these dramas is so exhilirating. I am going to give you my email address so maybe we can become friends from afar. I live in Canada.
    I’ve got lots of questions to ask you, from cooking Korean food to Korean dramas.

  3. samgyeopsal is plain pork belly and there are no seasonings nor marinade.
    in restaurants,though, they also serve marinated meat and not just pork belly…you can also choose other parts. u can also enjoy beef! 🙂

  4. guys, is there anyone who knows a eat-all-you can resto here in seoul? i know one in myeongdong and in itaewon but im not that good in remembering directions hehehe. help please! if you can give me the address and/or direction how to get there.
    woh! this blog made me crave for samgyeopsal hehehe and i want to invite my friends as well…para naman enjoy ang chow di ba?

  5. hi lee! you can try VIPS ( they have lots of branches in Seoul… also Ashley (… the latter is cheaper but their buffet selection is limited… you may also wanna try Sizzler at Hyewha… those are western style buffets… there are lots of korean buffets in seoul too… haven’t been to one since my friends prefer the western ones…

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