love in asia

love in asia
even if i live here in korea, i don’t watch a lot of korean shows… when i first came i thought i’d enjoy all the dramas shown on the three terrestrial channels… unfortunately, they don’t have subtitles and i’m not very fluent in korean… it isn’t that enjoyable to watch tv here… luckily, we have cable but even that is not enough since most channels are in korean anyway… i’m usually tuned in to discovery, AFN, onStyle and RealTV… we don’t have HBO, Cinemax, CNN, nor Arirang in our cable!…
anyway, i do watch a few korean shows… not regularly, though… some of them that i like are “love in asia”, “solomon’s choice” and a weekly drama show about divorce…
“love in asia” is hosted by ms. yang mi kyung (of “dae jang geum”/”jewel in the palace”) and shin young il… it is about korean-asian couples (like my husband and i)… i truly enjoy this show because it gives us an insight on the lives of other asians married to koreans… truly, it is not an easy thing to be married to a korean… like they say, you don’t only marry your husband but his family (nuclear and extended) as well… plus discrimination towards mixed koreans do exist here in korea…
there are some who are very cynical about interracial marriages… specially now that korea is richer than a lot of asian countries, the philippines included… there are times when it is assumed that asians marry koreans to live comfortably… well, the show has proven that it is not always the case… one time, i saw an episode of a bangladeshi girl whose family owns a garments factory in her home country… and another one of a kyrgyzstani who obviously is well-off in her home country…
in the program, they interview the couple and the kids and show the lives of the family of the non-korean spouse… they also tackle the joys and hardships faced by an interracial family in korea…
the show is broadcast on saturdays at 5:10 in the afternoon on KBS1… VODs are available on their homepage


  1. I watch love in asia from KBS world & also of course because its hoste dby mi kyung-si from DJG :]
    if im not mistaken some YMK fans said that one time a filipino girl was featured in the show.

  2. I might be teaching in Korea. Is it really as beautiful as it is in the movies?…I’m really a city boy. Is there good nite life and stores in korea, does it rain a lot?..i have so many questions….lol…also, how do you like living in korea? got off topic..sorry

  3. Hey,That’s the older Version of KBS Site :mrgreen:
    BTW,I’malso Living Here in Korea….Ang Hirap Manood ng mga ProgramsNila,Pati Yung mga Pelikula sa KBS1,Walang English Subs…Hahaha!
    But I Love This Show,Mikha Pa Talagang Bata si Yang Mi Kyung…hehehe

    1. hi!!! i was amazed when i’ve read some of the posted comments in this site coz im really interested in knowing anything about the korean culture…and i’m happy coz ur also a filipino,ryt? hmm…i just want to have friends like you who is living in reli hoping that sooner when I finish my nursing course here in the philippines, i can work there or if no opportunities may come, i could just visit korea…. hope i’ll be knowing you more and become my friend so that sooner when i realized my dream of going there, i may have someone to see also…

  4. I didn’t know that movies in Korea were also so popular in other parts of Asia.
    I live in Japan and many ladies here around the age of 40 go crazy over daytime Korean drama it’s pretty funny to see.
    Also when the actors come over here they go crazy over them. it’s funny
    Thanks for the post,
    Chris in Japan
    Chriss last blog post..The Osaka Skyline Is Huge

  5. i am a filipino,married to a korean man. i am so blessed that im with a very kind family and supportive. i’m now studying in kyungwon university learning korean language. i strugled a lot… until now.. opefully i could find a filipino who can speak korean that could help me understand the korean language. this site was so informative… thanks

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