did Lee Jun Ki really say that?

“the yangpa” posted a “satirical” article about Lee Jun Ki criticizing the Philippines, which unfortunately was taken seriously by our kababayans… i don’t really like Lee Jun Ki… he has the most annoying korean CF in my book (for that pomegranate juice)… but i feel sorry for him now that so many pinoys are irked by what he didn’t really say… the article might have been purely a joke but not all readers are aware of that… but what i don’t understand is why pick on the philippines when the author hasn’t been to the country as he claimed in his explanation on why he wrote that article here… hasn’t he heard of claire danes?

  1. Hi Bethcay! Your blog is very interesting. Was wondering how many years you’ve been in Seoul. I’s assuming your husband is Korean?
    I’m currently staying in Somerset in jongno-gu. My husband has a 1-yr assignment here in Seoul and i have decided to leave my job in Manila to accompany him.
    Was hoping you could give me some ideas on what i can do here and what sights to see.
    I found the korean martial arts very interesting specially since insadong is a 5-min walk from our appartment.
    Hope you can email me at trixie_aguinaldo@yahoo.com

  2. hmm I thought I posted something..yet it didn’t get through. anyway I was saying that from the few interviews of Jun Ki that I’ve seen on YouTube, I don’t think he is the kind who will say such racist things.
    the website’s supposed to be a joke right? but you’re right, who would ever say such a thing about Filipinos? the sad thing is minsan pinoy din mismo ang may gawa nyan.

  3. The article from yangpa is NOT true. That site only makes jokes on every celebrity they can think of.
    And FYI, Lee Jun Ki used to come to the Philippines for vacations during holidays. Why would he say such things in a country he love visiting?

  4. The yangpa.wordpress is a satire website. Yangpa is Korea for Onion… so it is a spinoff on the satire website theonion.com
    Of course the article is not true

  5. Annyonghaseyo! 🙂
    I can’t find the article somewhere, guess they deleted it already.
    I just would like to say that you have a really nice blog 🙂
    Chukahaeyo! 🙂

  6. Hey guys,
    Agree with you, that story on Lee Jun Ki from the yangpa is indeed a joke (like all the content of the site – but do I really need to explain that). It’s not very funny if your read that article alone. What’s funny is the story behind it.
    A few months ago the yangpa guy made another article about lee jin ki – I don’t remember what it said exactly but it was a very unflattering joke on his effeminate looks. The yangpa editor expected some reaction from korean fans of course, but what he got instead was hundreds of replies from outraged philipino fans. So he decided to take a little revenge at them and confuse them with the second article. Success.

  7. well, whatever the case may be, the damage has been done. And it’s now up to us to set things straight…hahaha
    support lee jun ki…^_^ aja!

  8. hey! did lee jun ki said that?. anyways i dont believe it… did he commented about that article??…

  9. Hello betchay:
    I have recently confirmed that it’s not true that Lee Junki bashed all about the Philippines. It’s just way Yangpa was soooo annoyed with the haters-who-loved-Lee-Junki-and happened to be Filipinos. First, Yangpa has been commenting and bashing Lee Junki, thus, getting the ire of LJK’s Filipina fans. Since he got annoyed, then he posted that one.
    Therefore, it’s Yangpa who is a freaking racist, not Lee Junki.
    Another thing, Lee Junki is a “suki” of some tourist spots in the Philippines. He usually goes there every summer vacation.
    Before that, I was one of the Pinoys who irked Lee Junki, assuming that he said that all.


  11. Yes, it’s really not true..
    Yangpa admitted it, and i even send them a message of how irritating they can be to use JunKi and Philipines in his article..
    Anyway, JunKi said that he went here in the Philipines for vacation, and that he’s sad because of the article..He’s hoping for continuous support from Filipinos, and he said that he love Philippines and its people..^_^
    I’ll support Jun Ki forever!!!

  12. well yeah, first of all… even if he did say that, i don’t really care ^^ i mean i see him as a respectable celebrity and my respect towards him is inevitable ^^ second, duh you shouldn’t post on things you don’t know much about, i know this must sound weird.. we shouldn’t believe on things we didn’t actually hear, internet is very useful but sometimes it’s used to corrupt our minds and so now it can be used to spread hurtful rumors.. please don’t initiate it thank you

  13. Actually,I love him.I am a Myanmar girl.When I saw him for the
    first time,I thought he was a girl.But he really look like with a girl.that is why I love him.Jun KI if you have time,come to Myanmar.There are so many fans of you.

  14. Sorry,but I want to write longer because it is the only way to
    communicate with him.I want Jun Ki to read my letter.But it is
    not possible.He is so busy.Jun Ki if you had a chance,come to
    Myanmar.Our country is more beautiful than Philippine.And the
    girls are so beautiful,including me.But there are girls who are ugly.They are exceptions.I am 16.Would you love a girl who is ten years younger than you?My mother says you are a gay.But
    I don’t care.There are so many people who are jealous you.Our
    country was recently ruined by a storm.There are so many orphans in Myanmar.You can donate them.And you only care about
    Thailand.It is very close to Myanmar.Take care of your health.There are so many fans of you in Myanmar but they don’t use internet.I like your long hair.But you don’t suit with short hair.I want to be an engineer.What do you think?Actually pretty clown is not my name.I am afraid that my friends find out about me.And I want to ask you questions.Who is your first girlfriend?What is your sister name?I am short but every boy loves me.I love your slim body.If there are any Korean film festival in Myanmar,come with others.And Myanmar is not an Indian country.But Japanese think so.I am prettier than Boa.Take care of your health.And I want answers to my questions.But don’t break my heart.I don’t remember the last time I cried.Be strong.You will be tired but keep moving forward.Miyazaki is an idiot when compare with me.My IQ is 180.I want to meet you on on-line.You are so cute and you are my prince Charming and pretty boy.Be patience.There is nothing you cannot achieve.My father also love your films.You are really good and pretty in The King and the Clown.I have only watched THE KING AND THE CLOWN and MY GIRL.DON’T FORGET!I WILL BE WAITING IN MYANMAR TILL SEPTEMBER 2009.WELL SEE YOU BROTHER!And I also want to be your close friend.Don’t mail me.It is not my mail address.Yes,I agree.Philippines are really ugly.I and my friends are always on your side.Thank you.Take care of your health.I think you are in England now.Bye for now.Let’s meet again.I will be waiting for you.

    1. Hi! clown lover. I am also a Myanmar girl. Sorry for a late reply. I write this because I think u are a real fan of Lee Jun Ki. And I also love Lee Jun Ki. Same to u, I am waiting for the day when Lee Jun Ki come to Myanmar. Some of my friend said that LJK looks like a gay. Before I watched the drama, Time Between Dog and Wolf, I am one of them. I don’t really like him in My Girl. I think LJK also looks good with short hair. I love his nose. I think it is the prettiest part in his face. But when I watch his biography, it is said that the prettiest part in his face is his eye. I luv his eyes too. My mother also likes him. One of my friends cried when she watched the movie “The King and The Clown”.As u said, there are a lot of people who jealous him as the above Yangpa. But there are also a lot of people who love him including me,u,a lot of my friends,my mother,my friend’s mother,my friend’s sisters and so on. So I also want to invite LJK to to come to our country. Although it is a little poor, it is really beautiful.And people in our country are polite.There are a lot of girls who love him. Long times ago, I heard the sweet rumor that LJK reached to Myanmar. I don’t really know that it is true or not. My room is full with his posters. This is the evidence that how I like him.Hope him to read this letter and come to us.

    1. Ah! I forget to say that I am also 16.Last week, I liked Kim Hyun Joong from Boys Over Flower, and LJK, and I thought that how the boys so pretty.Ahh….After watching korean actors and actresses b4 and after, KHJ did plastic surgery at his eyes, his chin and his nose.I felt so angry because s boy does not need to do so much surgery and got release when I knew LJK did not have PS.Now I like only LJK and angry again after reading the above post.That stupid “YANGPA”. How bad he is.How can he do like this.Bloody Hell.I believe LJK that he will never say like this.

  15. Hi Jun ki! well I actualy first cupel months a go found one of your movies bay acsident, but when i first time soo your movie fly daddy fly, I realy thought your a wery good actor. so I wanted to knowe who you were, and do you have any other movies and so i just got some information true the internet, and now i like your acting even more. And I wanted to say congratulations for your greit movies and I hope evrything good for you in the future, and that you will be happy and helty in your life. And btw. I dont think you look like a girl, but like a wery sexy and handsome man ^_~

  16. No, it’s not true.
    Please don’t believe in such rumours,
    I hate people who love to speak nonsense without considering the facts that it might hurt people.
    For example, Yangpa.
    Luckily he deleted the post, if not,
    I might be the next outraged fan!
    I’m not philipino though, but I still feel sad for them :/

  17. how dare them, to say that kind of thing about lee jun ki.! I don’t think he can do things like that.! they’re just jealous with lee junki ’cause he has alot of fans here in Philippines.!

  18. hey clown.!
    will you stop judging Phil. like you knew it all along.!
    were not judging your country so stop making things that can make us angry.!
    Filipinos are so polite, and were not doing things that we think can hurt others feeling.!
    by the way I’m also 16 yrs old, and I’m from Phil.
    you know what.?
    I hate people who judge what they see, w/out knowing first what the truth is really is.!
    I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I’m just saying what i feel.!

  19. hmmmmm… i think people should more broad on their understanding tha everyone has their own personality which can be understood by others deeply!!!!!!!

  20. ey clown, this is really not lee jun ki’s site. Go write him a fan mail or something, instead of loitering around bashing the Phils…and ,to do it on an obviously Phil site! Sheesh!! Common courtesy is not so common after all. You see how none of the filipinos here is saying anything bad about Myanmar in retaliation to what you said? That’s the sensible thing to do.

  21. No, that couldn’t be true, lee jun ki’s my all-time fav. korean actor since the my girl series and his movie the king and the clown.. he deserves more than being involved on some articles that just want to ruin is career..

  22. ….I do not know what mode should i post upon reading this article,im not an internet addict,,but i assure to myself that i wont be completely out of communication to some other people,,,and to my ultimate crush,,lee jun ki,,well that’s part of being a super star,or rather some people out there,really envied him,,weather the article might be true or not,my feelings for him wont changed…ang bilis ko magdecide anu???????,,,

  23. Hello! 🙂
    He does not seem to be that type of guy. he exudes a positive vibe, im sure he has a good heart which attracts people, me included when i saw his youtube videos less than a month ago;)
    ..i hope he comes to the philippines again, whether for a fan meet or vacation, so i and other fans could see him face to face 🙂

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