moon gun yeong's (문근영) KTF CF

i’m surprised by Moon Gun Yeong’s sexy CF… time really flies fast… when i first saw the CF, i had to ask my husband if it is really moon geun yong… it is her and the CF said so… korea’s little sister is now a lady and fans must be surprised at her transformation… the question is, will it be just for this CF or is she gonna compete with the other sexy ladies of Korean CF’s, i.e. Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Hyori? funny, i still think of her as the young Song Hye Gyo in Autumn Story…
here’s a link to her sexy KTF CF

  1. hi Betchay..medyo ignorante ang question ko ha. what does CF mean? I read it a lot about most Korean stars having a CF pero I really don’t know what it stands for?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. hi haydee! CF stands for commercial film… i guess it’s easier for koreans to say CF rather than the whole phrase 🙂

  3. I know what u mean!!! I saw the CF online and was, “What?! That’s MGY???” I guess she really IS a grown up now. Throughout the whole CF I kept expecting to see her turn back into her old innocent-looking sweet self like, you know, it was all a joke or something. hehe.

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