a very merry christmas

i’m an A1 procrastinator… we went on a trip to my husband’s hometown (Jecheon City) during the weekend and we came back here in Seoul on Monday afternoon… as i was arranging our things, i saw a couple of christmas cards stacked on one of the drawers… yikes! i forgot to send this year’s christmas cards… and the christmas cards i bought and prepared two years ago (read: 2004!)… geez! so many changes in my life have happened and yet i’m still a procrastinator…
i miss Christmas back home… i miss noche buena (and media noche)… i miss thinking of the dishes that will be served for the midnight dinner to celebrate the birth of Christ… and so do my friends here in korea… so last Saturday, we had a small (but successful) Christmas party and exchanging of gifts… each of us brought a dish (i made shanghai lumpia) and a gift worth 10,000 won (US$10)… i brought a basic skincare set from Hera and got a very pretty blue muffler…
after the party, we went to the nearby noraebang (singing room) as usual… it was a blast! my friends really sing well… anyway, i sang aerosmith’s “i don’t wanna miss a thing” (lakas ng loob ko)…
the following day… my husband and i had a “noche buena” outside… it wasn’t exactly a noche buena but we were thinking that we’re celebrating christmas… and after dinner, we went to a noraebang where we sang to our heart’s content… my husband sings well… i? no comment!
anyway, hope you guys had a very merry christmas! and here’s looking forward to a happy new year’s celebration…
christmas food
spaghetti, lumpia, biko, tacos, leche flan, stir-fried pasta
kainan na!
zoe, minnie and rina fill their plates with food
exchanging of gifts
exchanging of gifts
’twas my son’s first christmas party

  1. hi there, it really feels good to read ur blog once in a while, i also married a korean but unlike you i haven’t found any filipino friends in korea yet, i have some schoolmates in u.p. who are studying in yonsei university but it’s quite difficult to keep in touch with them…..aside from that i live in uijeongbu…hahahaha….quite far right?i envy you but i also feel happy for you….keep on writing so that i will have something to read all the time…take care

  2. Geez, miss that leche flan! All that food looks talagang delicious. We do have a lot of Filipino groceries and little restaurants in the USA, but there’s nothing like home cooking no? And nothing like getting together and speak our own language amongst ourselves.

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