Cha In Pyo and Jang Dong Gun's MV

I really don’t want to turn this blog into a Korean entertainment site but I just can’t help it since I was first a Korean showbiz enthusiast before I even knew where Korea was located!
Anyway, I was browsing through my email this morning and got a message that a video I posted on Youtube has a new posted comment. I uploaded the video last year but never got to write about it here.
This is one of the earliest Korean MVs (around 2001? 2002?) that I saw and I found it while enthusiastically searching for anything JDG (Jang Dong Gun). It also stars Cha In Pyo, one of my favorite Korean actors (not only for his talent but for his integrity and charity as well). The song is by “Sky” and the title is “영원” (yeongwon, which means “eternity” or “immortality” according to Daum’s dictionary)
As every hanryu (romanized but pronounced as hallyu) fan already know, Korean MVs mostly tell stories. In this video, two brothers were adopted to the US (before Korea was rich, a number of children were put for adoption) by different parents and lived separate lives. One (Cha In Pyo) became an officer while the other (Jang Dong Gun) grew up to be a gangster. Adoption in Korea is not as common as it was before. That’s why it was a big issue when Cha In Pyo and wife Shin Ae Ra adopted a child. The couple is also known for donating regularly to charitable institutions in South East Asia, including the Philippines. Even if they don’t have movies or tv series, they are still very visible on the boob tube with their numerous CF (commercial film).

  1. I love Cha In Pyo and JDG! Cha In Pyo recently went here sa Pinas, dunno which province.. together with the recent Miss Korea, they helped needy children which I sady is a very nice thing.. btw ang alam ko po 2 ang anak nila ni Shin Ae Ra.. so that means 3 pala and adopted yung isa?

  2. I love Jang dong gun and Cha In Pyo. I have never saw it before. i try to find the movie but i couldn’t. Thanks for your the way, can u help me to find the link i can download the movie or just the link to watch only?

  3. ^^ i love jang dong gun and cha in pyo a lot! anyway, it isn’t a movie but just a music video…

  4. I didn’t start to follow the Korean entertainment scene that early and so do not know Cha In Pyo well, although JDG is another matter altogether. That said, Cha In Pyo definitely looks more dashing (at least in this video). And always great to hear the Korean stars giving back – some of them have also recently cut their fees to act in movies to help the slump in their local movie business as well.

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