shoplifting diplomat?

I first read about the scandal of the “shoplifting diplomat” more than a week ago when altair sent the Korea Herald article to our email group. It’s one of those news that you’d wish would just die a natural death and be forgotten forever. The article said the diplomat allegedly shoplifted a bottle of perfume and a karaoke machine. WTH! How could anyone shoplift a karaoke machine‽
Last night, as I watched “TV Patrol World” on ABS-CBN Now!, I was quite surprised that the “scandal” had reached Philippine shores after a week! So the ambassador has spoken and she admitted that she’s the one being accused of shoplifting a bottle of perfume and a karaoke machine. Ambassador Castrence answered the accusation and I her explanation is true. Like she said, she would not damage the reputation of the Filipinos for a mere karaoke chip.
I wonder if the news article has been posted in Korean on Korean websites. Hope not!

  1. hi, betchay! there was a column of babes romualdez in the ‘philippine star’ about this. also, i read it on othe blog of chris gelken. if this is true ‘nakakahiya naman’!

  2. hi ellen! a filipino US army said that it isn’t the first time that the diplomat was caught shoplifting… dunno if it’s true but he also said that the shopping privileges of the staff were revoked

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