finally free

After watching the news last night about the release of the remaining Koreans held hostaged by the Talibans, only one thing came to my mind. That the Koreans could become easy prey for the kidnap-for-ransom groups and terrorists in the Philippines. I am all for the release of the hostages and the Korean government probably had no more choice but to negotiate with the terrorists. I really can’t tell what I’d do if I were in their shoes but… (they negotiated with terrorists!)
Anyway, the freed hostages will come home this weekend. I saw the footage yesterday of them covering their faces. The government is asking them to pay for the expenses incurred for their release and of course, their plane tickets back home. With so many Koreans in the Philippines now, I hope they won’t be targets for easy cash.

  1. hmm.. of all the things that could come to your mind while making your post, you chose to elicit fear to whoever visits the Philippines. terrorism is limited to only a small part of our country the rest 90% is quite safe and foreigners love coming here.. if you browse around the web about foreigners visiting the Philippines there’s an overwhelming amount of those who speak highly of the hospitality and experience they’ve had.. on the other hand, foreigners visiting S.Korea have an overwhelming claims of disappointment and fear regarding discrimination and the netizens

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