when a group of pinays meet

It’s been a long time since I posted an entry on this blog. I’ve been busy the past few weeks with Chuseok, autumn cleaning and touring my sister (who visited for a few days from the US). Plus, my 16-month-old boy wouldn’t allow me to just sit in front of the computer. He keeps me occupied almost the whole day. I could only get a rest when he takes a nap.
Last Saturday, one of my Pinay friends had a housewarming party and guests were treated to a delicious lunch at her lovely home. We had beef kare-kare, menudo, chicken curry, spaghetti, lumpia, fruit salad, green salad, chopsuey, banana bread and “super sarap” biko or rice cake. I couldn’t stop myself from gorging, since it’s been a long time since I had Pinoy food.
When you live a different country, gatherings like this are really gratifying. It’s a treat to spend your day with non-stop laughter, gossiping and eating. It’s so different from when you go out with the natives, when you have to watch your actions most of the time. Even if I only meet my Pinay friends occassionally and for a short time, every minute of every meeting is memorable.

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