Charice Pempengco's (챌리스 펨핀코) TV debut in Korea

I’ve never heard of this girl until I read her in one Korean blog last week. I was surprised that there are some Koreans who know more about her than I do. One of her videos has been posted in Daum since early September and had generated a little less than 200 responses so far and more than 130,000 views, with some suggesting that she was lipsynching. After all, that’s what a lot of K-pop artists do. Two or three people responded that they didn’t like her style or the sound of her voice. I guess it’s just hard to believe that a 15 year old (or 13 when the video was shot) could sing as well as she could. (No, I’m not gonna post the link to the video since I know how sensitive some Filipinos could be.)
I’d also read about her appearance in SBS Star King in Pinoyexchange (my favorite Filipino forum). I’ve seen the program once at my in-laws’ house. We don’t have SBS on our TV. Luckily, that appearance is available on youtube. She really wowed the Korean talents and audience in the show. And of course, some netizens blogged of her appearance in the show. She’s just starting her career but with talent as big as hers and with the right guidance, I’m sure she’s got a bright future ahead of her.
(I’ve searched and searched for any news about her in Korean news online but I didn’t find any.)
Charice’s official MySpace account:
Youtube link to Charice’s performance on Star King
Duet with Super Junior’s GyuHyeon

  1. i heard about her appearance in Korean TV on a blog by a Filipina living in Seoul. i’ve heard her sing when she was competing on Philippine TV. she has talent.
    wait, is she now performing in Korea? is she trying to break into the biz there?

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  3. oh please….those “netizens” are obviousl jealous of pinoy singers because their own korean singers lip-synchs well sorry but we pinoys don’t lip synch, we have talents and we’re proud to show them and not make a fool out of ourselves thank you very much…….

    1. how dare you say that about the korean music industry ? F.I.Y. even if i am filipino , i am not afraid to admit that Korea’s music industry is far better than ours ! stop being so arrogant and boastful ! our music industry isn’t all that you know . yes we may have talented singers . but korea’s music industry is far more successful than ours ! learn your facts first before you insult thank you very much ! and ps as a kpop fanatic , i would say not all of them lip synch and there are most who have real talent too !

      1. You know why koreas music industry is better than ours? Its because of people like you. Instead of supporting our own artists you listen to music even though you dont understand just because theyre popular or in right now. Youre no different from the guy youre bashing. What a disgrace

        1. excuse me eventhough I’m also a korean fanatic but I’m not saying bad things about our fellow filipinos because I’m still a Filipino and koreans don’t know me so why defend them. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin GIRL!!!

  4. Charice will not perform in Korea as often as you think. She’s now doing an album with a Swedish recording company. Besides, I guess part of her prize in Little Big Star is also a recording contract with the Star Records of ABS-CBN.

  5. I’m a filipino living in the US and I found out about her on YT while searching for Bianca Ryan. I have to comment that I was completely blown away by her voice singing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and then even more “wowed” by her performance on StarKing. It is without a doubt that she has a very gifted talent that I think will definitely be heard all around the world.
    One thing I would just like to address real quick is to my fellow filipinos is that it is definitely noteworthy and something to be proud of to have someone represent the hidden singing talent that the Philippines has consistently had over the many years; however, let’s calm down on the sensitivity a bit now. There are talent all over the world, and what I am more than happy to notice is how the world is becoming smaller and smaller everyday in terms of finding true talent not just within the U.S., but internationally. Youtube is definitely a modern marvel.

  6. she’ll be appering on ellen sometimes this month as soon as she fix her visa, hopefully soon, we can’t wait to see her on US tV esp. on Ellen

  7. Hey you guys … She is one of the guests in the Ellen Degeneres Show tomorrow, December 19, 2007. Go and watch and celebrate this incredible talent!

  8. (sigh..)im not surprised if you’re amazed with charice, know what..i dont want to sound rude but here in the Philippines, charice IS-A-VERY-COMMON-THING-TO-WATCH…with videoke machines in every corner of the streets and everyday singing competition all over the Philippines..why be surprised? Whew. FYI, Philippines is a poor country, we don’t have the facility to do “lip synching”! Get it?!
    And please do not compare her to other “SUPER-DUPER-TRYING-HARD-ASIAN-ARTISTS-PRETENDING-TO-BE-GOOD-IN-ENGLISH”..Duh?! In order for you to be good in a specific language,many factors to be considered dude, first,accent, second diction, third, pronunciation, words and grammars..need english tutorials?
    And if you can find a mathematics book written in filipino, i’ll treat you in STARBUCKS…..STARBUCKS DUDE?!! Mahal kaya ng kape dun!!! Bwahahaha!!!T_T

  9. nice one astig101! me too, whoever he is that can find a math or science book written in tagalog, i’ll treat them for white-water rafting in cagayan de oro, mahal din kaya mgrafting ngayon. hahahaha!!!

  10. I agree with astig101. Charice Pempengco is not the only one that has that kind of voice quality here sa Pinas. In fact there are a lot thats waiting to be discovered, they just needed more exposure. That’s the kind of voice i always hear in singing competitions here. Actually there are a lot of younger kids that can belt out like Charice. More in belting talaga ang Pinoy when it comes to singing. I dont know why but as what I’ve observed, the higher your vocal range is, the higher your chance of winning or making it to showbiz here. Not like in other countries like America (American Idol perhaps. I was shocked when Carley Smithson got the boot instead of Jason Castro. I mean come on! The voice of Jason Castro (on Filipino standards) does not fit to a contest such as American Idol. No offense, but Im just making my point. And yeah, Filipinos don’t lip synch! 100% true. Except for those uhmmm, without the gift in singing, well, they kinda lip synch though. But real singers? No way! And yes don’t compare her with other Asian singers which can’t even pronounce English well. I’m not being rude here or anything, but Filipinos are better singers of English songs than other Asians. We may not be the best English speakers anymore in Asia but definitely in singing English songs, where better than others and I’m not a racist okay. Just making it clear. Philippines is really blessed with natural-born singers.

  11. I love Charice Pempengco. I also love Regine Velasquez, Lea Salonga, Kuh Ledesma and am thankful for the fact that many of Asia’s greatest voices come from the Philippines.
    But let’s not get arrogant and boastful. We have much to be thankful for. And yes, we should also be thankful that other Asian music fans are incredibly supportive of Charice. Even during the time when many Pinoys would easily dismiss Charice, the people of South Korea who watched Star King have been incredibly gracious and supportive towards our fellow Pinoy-Charice.
    As a matter of fact, because Charice sings a lot of English songs, its good that she can represent Asians in general. Not just Filipinos.

  12. Anywayz,
    I’m not Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, or etc, I’m Asian/Southeast Asian and I just want to say I am proud that the World and especially the Americans finally recognize us Asians that we can sing with them. In the past there was just black, whites, and latinos singing in the music industry. I’m thinking where is our Asian people, how come no one never sponsor us. I know for sure we have some good Asian singers in America, Europe, Asia, and the other continents.
    Let’s stop brushing in each others face saying Filipinos pride and etc. We should be thankful for her that she’s giving us “ASIAN PRIDE” all around the world.
    Hey we finally have famous Asian actors or actresses such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee (RIP), Brenda Song, and etc. Like Nancy Kwan said, not a quote, we need more Asians in the acting and singing field.
    I hope to see and hear more Asians being recognize in the USA acting and singing career near the future. We need to unite and support each other as Asian Race not by country. The reason why blacks, whites, and Latinos are strong, they support each other as a race not by the language, country and so on.

  13. hello, ate! i heard nasa korea ngayon si charice… may taping ata siya for StarKing again and some other show(s)… sana po, may update kayo if ever lumabas na… thanks!

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