Laundry Warrior

kate bosworth and jang dong gun in laundry warrior
Lucky Kate Bosworth! She will star in a movie with Jang Dong Gun in his first Hollywood movie. It’s a fantasy action film titled “Laundry Warrior”. They will start shooting on the 12th of November. I’m really happy for JDG but… (sigh!) I’m pretty sure there will be more competitors.
Korean article here.
kate bosworth and jang dong gun in laundry warrior

  1. though in korea ‘jang’he is famous actor…it’s not a box-office value in the world. I think s..0. what are diffrent things against others???with much curious that its a double meaning i hope this movie will be release soon for our visiting anyway.

  2. Why so skeptic T-Mos?
    When I become a fan, it is not because he/she is famous, but because I saw something that attracts me in the actor/ actress / singer/ celebs …. you name it.
    So, I am happy for Jang’s success in starting his debut with Hollywood. And wish that his film will be a success.

  3. Eventhough I only saw one of his work “all about eve” I fell in love with him. He is such a good actor. I wish him all the success in the world….Keep up the good job.

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