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When I started this blog, my main goal is to share information of the country I live in. Before I came here, I tried to search for any info on Filipinos living in South Korea. I could hardly find anything. The Philippine Embassy in Seoul doesn’t even have a website. I started with Blogger but couldn’t follow up since I forgot my password. (I use Opera now and use the password wand.) So in 2004 (or was it 2005) I thought it would be fun to have your own domain and webhost and have total control of your site. I didn’t like the restrictions imposed on hosted blogs.
I learned about adding ads or monetizing your blogs last year. And this year, I decided why not try other blog monetization methods. My goal is not to fully monetize my blog but to help defer the cost of webhosting and having my own domain (my vanity!). I am quite particular with the content of my blog. I could’ve made this a full Korean entertainment blog, but I wouldn’t do that just for the sake of popularity. I am not a writer in the real sense of the word, but I just want to share my interests, whether anybody reads them or not.
I’ve found out about “blogsvertise” through a niche blog. So I thought why not try it. I found that registration is easy. I like that I don’t need to edit the theme I’m currently using to add a code like other blog monetizing sites. If you have your own blog, why not give blogsvertise a try?

  1. I know it is little consolation, but I am subscribed to your RSS feeds. I enjoy your posts. If you have great success with Blogvertise, lemme know.

  2. Hi. First, I’d like to say thanks because I emailed you a few months back and you helped me with some “getting married” questions. We are married now and very happy.
    I agree with you about the scarcity of websites about Filipinos in Korea. That’s why I like your blog so much. I came across your blog a while back while trying to find examples of Korean-Filipino marriages, because I had concerns about entering in to such a cultural union. I’ve gain a lot of knowledge from your entries. I hope you keep the blog going.
    Thanks Again

  3. ^ wow. congratulations. it’s really rare to see filipinos married to korean women. i only met a pair one and that was three years ago.

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