Exploding handphone?

This was on the news last Wednesday night. They said that a man died (probably) because of his handphone’s battery that exploded in his shirt pocket. More than 80% of Koreans own handphones. Samsung, LG and Pantech are the three biggest handphone brands in Korea, while Nokia is not a known brand here. Hmm… I don’t know anyone who owns a Nokia here. Here’s the video clip of the phone and the shirt that the man was wearing at the time of his death. Here’s also a news report in English.

  1. That is just crazy. I thought they took precautions to prevent battery degradation from affecting their customers.

  2. hello! its been a while. I think Nokia is not popular there dahil Nokia mostly have GSM phones. While Japan and Korea are using CDMA phones pa rin. I love LG and Samsung though 🙂 I wish we have the cool phones you have over there.

  3. As it turned out, it was the co-worker who accidentally killed the man, and blamed it on the phone for his death. There was no way in hell an exploding battery could have caused that much damage. The story was suspicious from the beginning.

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