We’ve been living in our apartment for almost five years now. It’s a really small one at 73 square meters. My husband’s family has been talking about moving to another place time and again. There are tons of realtors where we live, however it’s really important to choose a realtor you can trust and who will assist you with everything you need.
Part of our moving decision is whether to choose a place near my husband’s job or near his brothers’ homes. We also have to think whether to find a home for rent or buy one of our own. That of course will depend on our finances. We are the kind of people who really don’t want to have any debt.
We are also contemplating on whether to just get another home and rent out our current unit. We might need to get a mortgage quote on our home so we can buy another one. Our current location is really good, but since our home is small and my husband needs to travel two hours to work, we really need to move. I think that it would be better for us to get another unit, the rent on our current home will pay for any interest we’ll need to pay. In the end, we’ll have two homes.