How to visit Korea without a visa

People, specially Filipinos, have been asking me how to get a tourist visa so they could visit Korea. Unfortunately, the Philippines doesn’t have a visa-waiver agreement with Korea (we used to have before 1994). Is it possible to enter and visit Korea without a visa? It is.
From Korea’s government website:

Frequent Visitors
– Applicable to all countries (save for China, Cuba, and Macedonia) that are not granted visa-free entry into Korea.
– Applicable to those who made more than 4 visits to Korea in the past two years, or more than 10 visits overall may enter Korea without a Korean visa as long as they have no Immigration offence or other criminal records.
Tourists bound for another country.
– Applicable to those with a visa or a re-entry permit for US, Japan, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand (5 countries) and traveling to any one of those countries through Korea.
– Those traveling from any one of the five countries mentioned above, whose final destination is not Korea.
– Must have a confirmed onward flight ticket for departure within 30 days after entering Korea, in addition to having no record or criminal offence in the five countries mentioned above.
Special entry arrangements for Jeju Island
– Eligible foreigners: nationals of all countries not allowed visa-free entry into Korea (except for Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, Syria, Macedonia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Ghana) that enters via Jeju airport for tourism or transit.
– Duration of stay: up to 30 days
– Permitted area/range: Jeju Island
– Conditions of entry: those that arrive directly into Jeju island by flights or ships
Re-entry permit holders
– Registered foreigners with re-entry permit that enters Korea within the given re-entry date are allowed to enter without a visa.
APEC Business Travel Card
– Eligible countries: Australia, France, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Papua New Guinea.
– Eligibility: APEC Business Travel Card holders are given Short Term Business (C-2) visa status, and are allowed to stay for up to 90 days.

One of my friends’ aunt (Pinay) has visited Korea as a tourist four times within two years. When she applied for a tourist visa again for the fifth time, she didn’t receive a visa on her passport but a stamped “Documents Accepted” (which usually means “Denied”). Her niece (my friend) called up the Korean Embassy in the Philippines and asked why she had been “denied.” She was told that her aunt doesn’t need a tourist (C-3) visa anymore to travel to Korea. They were skeptical at first but she booked a ticket anyway. She traveled to Korea a month later and told the Immigration office at Incheon Airport that she’s been to Korea four times and was allowed entry. On her second visa-free entry, she was asked to show her return ticket. She has one and was allowed entry again without a visa.
My mother is a Philippine passport holder and a US resident. I wanted her to visit us before she travel back to the US. I asked the Immigration office yesterday if it’s possible for her to travel without a visa under her circumstance. After several pauses and “wait a minute”s, I was told that she could come to Korea without a visa as long as her outbound ticket is for the US and she could stay up to 30 days.
For Pinoys who would like to visit Jeju Island, one travel agency I know that offers this tour is Horizon Travel (nope, I’m not connected in anyway and they don’t know that I’m posting this). You may visit their website or send an email at

  1. Blame all the Filipinos who are currently TNTs here in Korea. Thats the reason why the Korean Government is so strict in giving any type of visa. For these filipino TNTs, fix your document problems or immigration problems so that we will not be stereotyped hence filipinos (still in the Phils) who want to go here will not have a hard time getting a visa. Lets all give these other people a chance to come here.

  2. One cannot really go to Korea without a VISA since our country (Philippines) does not have agreement with them… unless you are a permanent resident of first world countries…
    We can visit other countries such as Singapore, Malysia, Thailand, Hongkong (not a country) without the respective VISA.
    I have been skimming thru the internet looking for details of how to get a Korean Visa. And I successfully got one. Here’s an easy way (specially for those who are not from Manila):
    You can go to the embassy if you want but it’s in Makati. I live in the southern part of the country so it would be quite expensive. I searched for a travel agency owned by a Korean. I paid them 1,500 for the VISA (90 days single entry) and 2,000 for VISA assistance.
    What documents do you need? DO NOT just submit a photo, passport and the form and an invitation letter (that is if you are invited). These are what agencies usually require. Include your PERSONAL BANK STATEMENT (get it from your bank, costs 100-150), INCOME TAX RETURN, CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT.
    I waited for the embassy’s advice as to when they would require my appearance. I expected this because in one of the websites, it’s said that getting a Korean VISA could be more difficult than getting a US VISA.
    After 12 days… I received my VISA. No interviews. No hassle.

      1. hi can u send me an email pls as to where exactly the agency is located? what are the needed requrements so i could prepare..i will file a leave from work as soon as i get ur from cebu so i have to take the risk for this..pls? thanks much! 🙂

  3. @miss_december >> care to share the contact info of the agency? btw, thanks fo r the info you shared…

    1. hi po,ask ko lng po if papano mag-apply ng visa,or mag-invite para mkarating ng korea,nasa korea po kc ang boyfriend ko,gusto nya kong pumunta dun,kaso eps worker lng sya and bago lng din,if ever na mka 6mos na sya pwede na po ba nya akong ma invite?and how po,please reply po.thanx po.

      1. i have same query with her. Can i come to Korea with my boyfriend who is going to work there for months?

      2. hello joan ask ko lang nkapag tourist ka na ba sa korea? eps worker dn kc bf ko e. tnx

  4. hello,
    is it true that when you entered south korea 4 times you will get 10 years multiple visa for filipino?

  5. @etel >> no. it just means that you can come to korea without having to apply for a visa at the korean embassy. there is no such thing as 10 year multiple visa here.

  6. hi to all,
    to miss_december::: can u pls. share the contact # of the agency of ur’s….
    thankx again to miss betchay, this site really helps a lot.


  8. hi miss_december? where exactly is the location of that travel agency owned by Korean? Can you help me? me and my husband were planning to go to south korea, we have documents but we dont have invitation letter? is their a chance?

  9. thanks for all the information i have read in this website. Just like my mother, she came here August 1, 2006 and she went home August 21, 2008. The immigration gave her 2 years visa for the good reason that i really needed her help taking care of my kids. I got 2 kids which is “yonyonseang” and ceasarian (breach). The immigration understood my sitaution so they gave her 2 years visa.
    Last week, the immigration called my hubby to go there for my citizenship. they’re requesting us to go to philippine embassy. Please help me, what are the things needed as for the passport. thanks.

  10. Hello I am Korean who have philippine girlfriend..
    I wanna bring her to my country by a working visa.
    But it’s too difficult that she gets it
    Can U help us?
    I can afford anything if I can bring her.
    My girl cell# is 0920-638-2655
    Thank U.

  11. to Loween,
    do you own a company in Korea? my 09212435293. if you have a company then the company can invite her. but it must be your own company.

  12. miss_december, hi iah hir, can you share me please the contact informations of the travel agency so i could go there or call them for visa assistance. thanks a lot. hope to hear from you soon. God bless

  13. hi miss december… very happy for ur information shared to us…..pls give me the travel agency own by a korean notional here in philippines….i am IVY from SIBUGAY PROVINCE,MINDANAO….thanks very much..

  14. miss betchay
    i have a question…
    i am a filipina and an english teacher. i have some close korean students/friends…^^is it possible for me to enter korea without a visa? (you mentioned in your blog, how to enter korea without a visa, that it’s applicable in some situations)
    you see, next year, i will travel to australia through sponsored family visa and i thought of dropping by korea just for 2 weeks. i wanna surprise my students…^^ i want to make sure before i get ahead with my travel itinerary…
    hoping for your response…thanks!

  15. Hello,
    I have a visa free to travel korea. i travel there quit often because my boyfriend lived there. but i never use my visa free for more than 30days, is it possible to extend my stay to 90days? do i need to go to korean immegration for that?

  16. I’m presently working in Japan with a researcher visa and Im planning to visit my Korean friend. I will stay in Korea for only 3 days. Do I still need to apply for a tourist visa? My visa in Japan will expire in 2010.
    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible

  17. but there are so many illegal koreans also staying in our country philippines any part in the philippines like olongapo, cebu, mindoro, laguna cavite,baguio etc. some of them are illegal also they over stay in our country may because of un strict immigration policy in our country there are more korean’s in the PI why they make strict on us going to korea its vise versa base on the tourism recort there are almost 365,000 thousand or koreans intering in our country compare to less than one hundred thousands filipinos in korea in korea people also are free what they want to do in the philippines they even engage in bussiness they are really free some business stablishment in baguio city are owned by koreans so what filipinos who are coming here in korea are working hard some of them are being abused by their employer, unpaid salary,exploitation, without thinking that we are also one of the contributing factor for their rapid growth of their economy. so what now???????????????

  18. hi, i read all the commits about korean visa… my bf want me to visit him in korea but i have only got documents like bank certificate and my bf employment certificate and sponsor letter from his company do i have chance to get korean visa?? please advice me

  19. hi guys.. i need your help..because my US military bf (fiance)
    he wants me to visit in kunsan, korea coz he’s stationed ther, i will stay for less tha 30 days, do i still need a visa for that,
    im hoping for your advice guys t.y godbless

  20. @vina >> you’ll need to come to korea as a tourist since you aren’t married yet
    @valerie >> you’ll also need to provide the embassy with YOUR certificate of employment, ITR and bank certificate… of course, you have a chance to get a visa but you’ll have to prove to them that you won’t come to korea to work
    i think they’re also stricter with fiancees of US servicemen for reasons i wouldn’t mention but you could probably guess 🙂

  21. Hi, Miss Betchay! I am also one of those who aspire to obtain tourist visa in SK. My husband is an OFW in SK. and as what ive learned, wife of an OFW is not permitted to get a tourist visa. Is it true? I really wanted to visit my husband and spend our second year wedding anniversary there and i am really confused with this information. One thing more is i am just an ordinary employee with meager salary. What is the best thing to do? Is ITR really required?
    Anyone could help me…

  22. hi Merlyn, is your husband working through EPS? as per my friends, they told me to apply for C3 visa and i won’t declare that my husband is an OFW in SK. i’m planning to visit him(if God permits me) last week of december and if visa will be granted, i’ll stay there for 30 days or i’ll leave SK before my visa expires. when is your plan to visit your hubby? i think ITR is a requirement. as per Ms. Betchay, KE won’t accept incomplete documents. Godbless…hapi day!!!

  23. ….iah hello klan ka magssasubmit ng papers mo sa KE my alam ka ba na agency para sa visa assistance nila. thanks

  24. hi lovely, yup meron akong alam na agency. and i’m still confused kung through agency ba ako or apply directly sa KE. siguro sabay kami ni jaime magsubmit requirements next wik or the other week.

  25. hi! bechay. i’ve read about your blog regarding tourist visa for korea. i’m an esl teacher in baguio city and my students family are inviting me to go to korea and i plan to stay in korea for less than a month. bank certificate and tax certificate are really important but what if i dont have that much money in my bank will still their be a chance for me to go to korea without visa? what agency did you go through? i’m really interested to go. pls help me… thanks and God bless

  26. It is a requirement to submit a bank certificate. It will determine your financial ability to support your needs. But since you’re invited, they can indicate in their invitation that they will be the one to shoulder your expenses.

  27. @helena >> like Lou said, a BC is a requirement… they don’t usually accept incomplete documents unless you’re a fiancee or a relative of a korean national… you just need to prove to the embassy that you won’t work while visiting…

  28. hi! betchay. thanks for the info. since my korean best friend’s family is inviting me to korea and their daughter is my best friend and she is studying here in the philippines as a university student in baguio. she plans to have her vacation on april of 2009 and plans to bring me along with her. we leave and return to the philippines at the same time. she is the person whom i will go with in the korean embassy to prove that they will be responsible for me in korea. what are my chances? will this help me get a visa?

  29. miss december how r you? i’ve read your info about the korean agency that assisted you for your visa. may i know the full details of this korean agency? i really want to go to korea and visit my friends and my boyfriend as well. hope to hear from you soon. thanks!:)

  30. @helena >> i’m not sure ha… but the consul might think that you’ll come to korea to work as their tutor (because this is what usually happens)… however, you won’t really know until you apply for the visa right? just go there with all your documents and your korean best friend… it might help…

  31. betchay how about just staying in korea for two weeks with my best korean friend? will they still doubt about it? you mentioned that if someopne has a fiancee in korea it would be me easier for them to go to korea right? what are the requirements for this case? does he have to be with me personally in the korean embassy? pictures of us together to prove he’s my fiancee, etc? i’m so desperate to leave for korea. please help me… thank you and God bless!

  32. Hello everyone. I just want to follow up the question of helena. if I have a korean fiancee, what would be the requirements for me to have a visit visa in Korea? and for the Bank statement, is there any required minimum balance that should be indicated? and also if they require that the money has been deposted to the bank account for a specific period? is it ok f I will just open a bank account now, just for that purpose?
    Hope someone can help me

  33. ms. betchay t.y for the advice , so you mean i really need tog et a tourist visa at the korean embassy..!! am i not allowed to come there without a visa.. coz i’ve red this from korean wevsite.. look!!
    Countries under Visa Waiver Agreements (December 6, 2008)
    The following countries are permitted to enter without visa, in accordance to the Visa free Entry for Korean Nationals.
    so ksama po aNg philippiNes.. wha does it meaN po va..
    eto po u site..
    i will wait for ur response ms. vetchay t.y

  34. hi! moonlady. we have the same situation. having a bank account is really a requirement but it does not mean if you have a megabucks in your bank account it’s a guarantee that we can get a tourist visa. it’s really just luck. goodluck to the both of us:) God bless!:)

  35. hi! iah. i’ve read that you went through a korean agency. may i know the name of the agency? please help me… what’s the status of your visa? please reply and kindly give me an advice on what to do. thank you so much and God bless!

  36. hi helena, pasencya na now lng me nakapagrespond. hindi ko rin tinuloy mag travel agency. i just went directly to Korean Embassy last december 15 and they gave me a claim stub. babalik ako sa on december 22nd to claim my passport. sana nga granted ang visa. I submitted the requirements sa Window 3 (korean lady na naka-eyeglasses ang kumuha) taz tinanong niya sakin kung ilang days daw ang stay ko sa SK. then after that binigay na niya ung claim stub.
    neways, the name of the travel agency is RAKSOTRAVEL located in Makati. just open their website, nakalagay na dun yung contact informations nila. c loti ang kausapin mo kasi siya ang nakatoka sa South Korea. she’s friendly naman pero medyo matagal nga lang pag magbigay ng quotation,hehe. goodluck in your application. Godbless…

  37. To Ms. Vina,
    Ito ang nakalagay sa cite na inilagay mo. so it means mga diplomats lang ang visa free not the tourists.
    PHILIPPINES Diplomatic,Official passport Unlimited

  38. hello I’m a filipina who married korean and have 1 baby but I’m working that’s why I invite my sister for tourist C-3 to take care of my baby but the problem is I can’t extend her visa here in korea can you give me an advice I really need my sister to help me…
    thank you replied to my mail thank you

    1. HI samantha! there really is no way for her to stay longer in korea… let her go home and ask her to apply for a visa again… don’t let her stay illegally…

  39. Hi miss_december, care to share the name of the korean travel agency that you used in getting a visa? My husband is an american and will be working in SK as an English teacher. He may apply for us an F3 visa but it will take time cause he still needs to get his alien card when he get there. I would be needing 3 requirements from him or his company/school and it seems that it may take 2 to 3 weeks before he can get his alien card. I can’t wait that long so I would like him to apply for us a tourist visa for me and for my son so we can fly with him this month. The reason I wanted him to apply for us is that I am not working anymore and I don’t have all the requirements needed for getting a tourist visa. So I am hoping that the travel agency owned by a Korean can help us in getting me and my son a tourist visa.
    Ms. Bechay, any comment on this???

  40. hello to everyone.. i already have all the requirements for the visa. What is the period of validity of the approved visa? If i will apply by next week, and go to korea by end of march or first week of april, is it possible? Ilang weeks ba or months pwede gamitin ung visa, (period from date of approval to date of flight). I hope someone can help me..
    to Helena, how are you? nkaapply kn b sa embassy? i am worried about the balance of my bank account. Its not enough to support my needs in korea for one month..But my bf will shoulder all my expenses there…I’ve heard that the bank account should show that it should be enough for the expenses in SK. im so afraid to be denied. Can i just say to embassy that im just staying there for one week but in fact one month?

  41. Ms. Betchay, pls help me..i am currently employed in a korean company here in philippines. is it an advantage for me? i can easily get certificate of employment and personal invitation from my korean friend.Also guarantee letter that he will shoulder all my expenses in korea. But i only have 70K in my bank account but im planning to stay there for 3 months. is it ok if i will indicate in my application that i will be just staying there for one or two weeks but in fact 3 months? if you are not so busy, can you also answer my previous message? thanks a lot!

  42. Hi, I’m a Filipino, who lives in the US and is a permanent US resident (green card holder) but with a Philippine passport. I want to visit South Korea some time this year or next, and I was wondering if I would still need a visa? I’m not planning on staying long, maybe around 2-3 weeks only. Thanks in advance for any help! 🙂

  43. to helena,
    how’s your papers? nkapagfile kn b sa embassy? im really scared and nervous..di pa ko nkakapunta sa embassy pero kinakabahan na ko, what more kung andun na ung application ko and then mghihintay pa ng one week! OMG! one week akong tuliro at kabado..

  44. how can I avail of a korean visa? I want to see bigbang and wonder girls in concert.. is that enough reason for the embassy to give me a visa? that’s all I want from your country.. If I wont be able to get a visa for korea, then I have no choice but watch them in thailand… what should I do?? thank you very much…

    1. hi shem! you need to apply for the C3 or tourist visa… you’ll need to provide your
      – bank certificate
      – employment certificate
      – passport
      – invitation letter (optional)
      – latest ITR
      – visa application

  45. hello po. magtatanong lang po ako tungkol dito.
    – Those traveling from any one of the five countries mentioned above, whose final destination is not Korea.
    Kasi po, manggagaling po ako sa Pilipinas papunta po ng Japan (tourist visa). Kunwari po guto ko pong pumunta ng Seoul sa loob lang po ng ilang araw (3-5 days po kunwari). Tapos po balik Pilipinas na. Bale po Philippines>Japan>S.Korea>Philippines
    Ibig po bang sabihin di ko na po kailangan ng visa papuntang South Korea galing Japan?
    At tsaka po, paano po kung walang invitation letter, possible po bang makakuha ng visa?
    Salamat po ng marami 🙂

  46. Hello!
    I have been searching for an answer to my query about Transit Visa to Korea to several websites and only in your blog that I got it finally.
    We are going to U.S. this April via Korean Air that has stopover in Incheon. It would be so exciting to at least have a short transit visit in Korea since this would be our first time. We thought first that we must have a Korean Visa before we can sneak through Korea since our Travel Agent can not confirm it as well. I made a call directly to Korean Embassy in Manila about it and I got an answer just exactly what you wrote in here. But, the only thing that made me still doubtful since I have talked to a Korean Lady that her English was not that good and clear. But now I am completely confident for your answer.
    I just want to ask from you what are the best places to visit Korea for only two days? We are thinking about Lotte World because we have our son with us. By the way, what budget hotel that you can recommend that is at least within the reach of Seoul Shopping Centers? Is New Boon Lin Hotel good? Please do let me know your suggestions.
    Hope to hear from you soon.. April 15-17 by the way our sked.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,
    Davao, Philippines

    1. Hello Sir Mike,
      ASk ko poh about sa experience nyo pinakuha pa poh ba kau nang visa or you was been exempted Sir ?

  47. gud pm
    I want to obtain a tourist visa so that I could visit my husband. I have problem with him we are newly married and yet he is so cold to me thats why duda me my couple sya dun, ang sad pa dun he didnt give me allow as his wife dahil daw my work naman me. How could I enter there and get a tourus visa…

  48. hello po, i was granted C3 visa last oct-dec 2008, tas ngayon pong march nag apply ulit aq kaso denied n aq.. so, pangalwa q lng p ito, unlike your friend’s aunt n pa 4times n niya..ang question q p ay pd q din kaya gawin yung ginawa ng aunt niya n bibili n lng aq ng tiket? sana p masagot nio question q kc i will assist my friend n ooperahan doon ngayong april( xa po ang nag invite s akin)

    1. hi samantha… 4x within 2 years dapat na nakapag-travel ka sa korea before ka pwedeng pumasok ng wala ng visa…

      1. Hello, I just want to clarify if the exemption because of 4 visits within a year holds true for Filipino tourists coming from the Philippines? Because I tried to ask the Korean embassy here and they said I still need to apply… I also have a temporary Australian residency (student visa for 4 years) and will just visit Seoul for 4 days for a wedding. You think I am eligible for the exemption? Thanks in advance. Cheers! ^^

  49. tnx for the reply… eto p po question q, pano p kaya kung from philippines-vietnam-korea-vietnam p kya gawin q, mkapunta p kaya aq s korea without visa? salamat po ulit.

    1. Hindi possible kasi six months talaga ang sinusunod nila at may nakatatak na date sa passport kung kailan ka nag-apply. Yung kaso ko naman kasi, na-deny ako ng May tapos nag-decide nga hubby ko na magpakasal na sa Pinas, so nag-apply ako uli ng visa (F-2-1) noong late June after namin magpakasal.

      1. miss Betchay,
        so ok lang pala na apply aku ng dependent visa kasi hubby ku US army na naka base sa korea. na deny aku ng tourist visa noong May. so dapat November pa ulit aku makaka apply ng tourist visa. so ok lang pala na mag apply aku sa korean embassy with his supporting documents in July? kasi uuwi xa dito kasama ng visa issuance number at sasamahan nya akong mag aaply sa korean embassy. wala bang denied visa kung dependent?

  50. ann, natry m n b magpunta -philjapan-korea…gusto q din sana maapunta ulit ng korea. il try din kung nagawa m… pls reply. tnx

    1. ay hindi pa po. hindi ko po kasi alam kung pwede ng walang visa yung ganun. gusto ko po sanang malaman din. i’ll be leaving na po kasi papuntang japan before the end of the month. pasensya na po.

  51. hello po.ask ko lang po sna if i can still use my tourist visa.nakuha ko po ang visa ko ng jan.19,2009 and mapapaso po ito ng apr.19,2009..ngyon apr.15 palang ako nkpagpabook ng tiket para makatravel ng korea..ndi po ba ako maquequestion ng immigration kung bkit ngyon ko lang ilalabas ang visa ko?

  52. hello po! ano po b difference ng b2 visa sa c3 visa… b2 visa po kc ung nirequest ng naginvite skin pra makapunta sa korea. she is a us citezen and a us army base in korea… sna po msagot nyo un question ko… salamat po!

  53. tanong ko lang po kc gusto ko po sana mamasyal sa korea kya lang wla me visa. pano po kaya ako makapunta dun ang passport ko po ay Philippine Passport at may asawa po akong japanese dito po ako manggagaling sa japan papuntang korea at japan din po ang balik ko. pwede po ba akong makapunta dun ng wlang visa at wlang invitation?

    1. hi ezzy! pwede ka na pumunta dito kahit walang visa… basta may round-trip ticket ka at re-entry permit from japan

      1. betchay, nabasa ko yung comment mo ke ezzy, parang pareho kasi kami. phil passport holder ako, pero ako naman manggaling ng australia, permanent resident ako dito, pero daan ako korea, tapos punta pinas, balik korea para mamamasyal tapos balik na ng australia dahil me work ako dito. kailangan ko pa ba ng visa para lang makapamasyal sa korea, one week lang sana ang gusto ko itagal sa korea, kasi korean bf ko at gusto lang ako mameet ng family niya. please help po… tuliro na ko kakaisip. me ticket na din ako, naisip ko na nga din sana na magapply na lang ng visa kasi kumpleto namn ako ng requirements, kaya lang kapos na sa oras dahil next week na ang lipad ko. di ko rin alam gaano katagal abutin kung magapply ako dito sa australia ng visa, please reply naman yung me alam diyan. salamat

  54. hello po…i know it is not advisable to purchase ticket b4 applying a visa..but when i read the promo about the airtickets going to incheon, (u have to book from april 16-23 and can be used from jun-sept, kc po sept p aq pd mag apply ng visa, nadenied p kc aq nung march)i grabbed the opportunity..sobrang mura kc..
    ngayon p ay nag iisip naman aq ng mga possible reasons kung bakit nadenied yung visa q (para p maiwasan q n next tym i’ll apply) . pd p b makakuha ng tips from u para maiwasan yon?? or meron b kayong alam n agency n nagpaproces ng denied visa?? tnx po…

    1. hi clarrise! it’s not really advisable to purchase plane tickets in advanced… kasi pag na-deny ka uli eh sayang naman kung hindi mo ma-refund di ba?
      possible reason kung bakit ka na-deny? depende talaga sa mga documents na ni-submit mo… kung may stable job ka na maganda sweldo or may business ka, mas malaki siguro chance mo to get a visa

  55. i emailed horizon travel, ndi n daw po allowed ngayon to go directly to jeju island, dadaan n din daw po ng airport, sayang naman….

  56. Hi Betchay~ I just need to know how much show money will do for me to get a Korea tourist visa?
    I am planning to go there by bext year~~
    But I need to process papers now~~
    Thanks in advance~^^

    1. People have been asking show money and I really don’t have the answer for that. When I applied for a tourist visa I had more than 150,000 pesos in my bank account but I still got denied. I know someone who had 80,000 pesos and got a visa. So it could be that your job would weigh more than the money in your bank.

  57. Thanks Betchay~^^
    I just wanna know if miss_december told you the name or contact of the agency she mentioned in her post?
    I’m kinda dying to go to Korea but I’m afraid of the expenses and hassle. TT.TT
    Thanks in advance~^^
    Tines last blog post..To the Numbest Person…

  58. Hi,Ms. Betchay! I have been to Korea for 2 years with an exchange student visa and I am planning to visit again with a tourist visa to see my British fiance working there. However, since I am planning to stay for a month, I would be resigning from my present job. Now I am just a bit worried that I would not be granted a visa reading about your comment that it is the job that weighs more than the show money.
    Any comments or tip for this situation? Thanks a lot.

  59. Hi,
    Just want to ask if do I need a visa for Korea if I will only stay for a day. I will be going to Canada via Korea. The overlay time for Korean Airlines going to Toronto is 15 hrs. I don’t want to sit in the airport for 15 long hours. Instead it would be nice to stay in a hotel and get a day tour around Seoul or whatever city Incheon airport is. I don’t want to line up for a visa when I will only be staying for a day in Korea. Thank you.

    1. Hi Gladys! You don’t need a visa. My mother had a 12-hour layover here in November of last year on her way to LAX. We brought her to the filming location of “Full House” and “Sad Sonata”

  60. hi betchay
    i want apply for tourist visa, but am still a student here and my parents are working in outside the country. but i don’t know what documents are required.i would like to pls ask help from you if you have any information concerning my case.

  61. hi ms. betchay.. ask ko lang sana, am going to Australia next month as a tourist. From Philippines, am planning to visit Korea for 5 days then at ska ako pupunta sa Australia. do i need visa pa? hope to hear from you. thanks

  62. ask ko lang po kung need ko ng tour visa papunta korea?kc doon kami magmeet ng BF ko,galing california USA po cya tapos gusto nya sa korea kami meet kc punta cya korea for teaching..salamat po..

  63. Hello! Can anyone comfirm the following for me? First off, I am living and working on Jeju Island (American). In August I want to have my Filipino friend come visit me here (only Jeju! We don’t plan to visit anywhere else in Korea! This is my home, and it’s already the best place in Korea anyway!). Can my friend fly here (via Philippines ~ Taiwan ~ Jeju, or Philippines ~ Japan ~ Jeju, and not need a visa???). This is supposed to be a “no visa zone”, but still, I am finding it hard to get straight answers. Again, my Filipino friend does not plan to leave this island – we just want to hang out here for a few weeks… Fly into Jeju, fly out of Jeju – can Filipinos do this without having to go through the headache of getting a Korean visa??? I very sincerely appreciate your responses!!!

  64. hi po.. please answer my question.. what if im a fresh graduate.. wla pa kong job.. wla itr and employment.. i will just visit korea for 10-14 days.. will they give me a tourist visa?

  65. hola soy peruano y resido en peru estoy proximo a viajar a corea- seul por turismo me pediran visa para entrar a corea o que requisitos mas me podrian pedir ya que voy por 1 mes y cuanto es el minimo de estadia por dia si podrian darme mas informacion al respecto muchas gracias

  66. Shem..
    Hi Shem, may I know the status of your visa application? Please please….. What are the things/steps that you did.. My student is also inviting me to visit him but I don’t know exactly what to do to acquire a visa. Hope to hear form you..tnxx

  67. i haven’t been in korea.. i’m planning to go to Korea. do i have to get visa? i will stay there not more than 30 days.
    please email me.. thanks

  68. pa2long naman po magtanong ako sna f ano ang best reason para ma invite ko ang sis ko pls po reply nyo ako w8 q..thanks in advance…

    1. pwede rin na gusto mong mag-tour ang ate mo rito… or kung preggy ka eh tutulungan ka niya…

  69. pwede na po ba ang reason na gusto lang papuntahin ang sis ko kc miss ko na family ko kahit isa lang ate ko invite ko pwede na po bang reason yun para sab visa nya…

  70. Hello, ms. Betchay. Yesterday, i called the embassy to confirm about about the free visa entry on my fifth visit to korea but i was given a different info. The filipino guy who answered the phone told me that i still need a visa on my fifth visit. He said that he thinks after my fifth visa, i will be granted free visa entry on my next visit. I think he also isn’t sure. Should i just ignore my call and do what your friend’s aunt did?
    Thanking u in advance…

  71. hello ms. betchay.
    i heared people who succesfully got their visa but wasn’t able to enter korea beacause the emmigration in korea didn’t allow them.they call it A to A (airport to airport).How come this happend?Do you have any idea kung bkit ganon?

  72. Hi! Ms betchay.
    I am a Filipino citizen working & living here in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I am holding a residence vis here in Abu Dhabi.
    I am having a tourist visa going to Canada. I have plans na uwi muna ng Pinas then stop over sa Korea before proceding to Canada. Most likely ang ticket ko wud be – Abu Dhabi – Manila-Korea-Abu Dhabi – Toronto, Canada.
    Do I need to apply for a vis or I can enter Korea even without having a Korean visa at hand. I just wanteed to visit my friends who is working at the US military base in SOuth Korea.
    Many thanks for your advice.

  73. hi ms. betchay
    tanong ko lang po..katatapos ko lang po mga graduate and wala pa po work mag file sana ako ng tourist visa…a korean frien of mine promised me to help…kaso aside from invitation we ont know what else pa are the requiremnts…\
    pwede po matanong wht else pa kailangan?

  74. hi~~ms.betchay, i just want to ask on how to get korean visa..kasi my student wants me to go lang next year.How about po iyong show money>?is it ok to use other account?or sa akin talaga ?..
    how about din po sa invitation?it it ok if through e mail lang then i have to print it.
    Thanks po..ok lang po if sa e mail po kayo mag reply

  75. hi! our family was planning to tour in korea. tpos sbi na important ang employment background. kc both of my parents are unemployed and i have a brother na student pa. do you think po ba, mhihirapan kming magpa-approve ng visa?

    1. hi rhea! depende rin naman sa circumstance ninyo, like my mom is unemployed and yet she got a visa to visit here… pwede naman pensyonado parents mo di ba? or nakapag-travel na sa ibang bansa or may sapat na pera naman kayo para mag-travel or super rich kayo… basta importante is mapatunayan na pag-tour lang talaga ang intensyon ninyo…

  76. hi po ms.betchay pa help naman po im plannning to go in korea.. in jeju island my visa poba papunta dn? im only 22 y.o no job i just want to go there to visit.. if theres a visa is it possible 4me to go there? hope to hear from u soon..

  77. hi po,
    am working in hongkong as dh,malapit na matapos kontrata ko,pwede bakong mag tourist dian sa korea bago umwi ng pinas! magagrant kaya ako ng tourist visa ftapos na un contrata ko dito.
    thanks and panu if i want to work dian?pwede ba un under ngtourist visa tapos hahhanap ng work dian?
    salamat po.

    1. hi jean! pag tourist visa ka and naghanap ka ng work, kailangan mong umuwi ng pinas to apply for a working visa… kung hindi, illegal worker ka
      as for kung maga-grant ka ng tourist visa, hindi ko alam…

      1. hello betchay..saw all ur comments and reply for some people who questions about getting their visa…
        i hope you can help me also…
        me and my friends wants to visit korea this coming feb…
        were wondering if we can get our visa even we don’t complete the requirements ‘coz.. she’s not currently working but she can afford to travel…like me im not currently working also but i started a business for almost a year now but i haven’t applied for business permit yet…
        we had tour Hongkong and singapore already is it possible that they can give us a visa?… thank you hope you can send ur reply soon thanks..God bless

        1. Hi rhose, as far as I know the Embassy doesn’t accept incomplete documents but they also have exceptions. The best thing for you to know is to go there and submit whatever documents you have. If they don’t accept your application then you really must complete their requirements. We don’t need visas to Hongkong and Singapore so they don’t usually count.

  78. hi betchay,gusto namin pumunta dyan sa korea for 5 days lang,3 kmi ng mga friends, ko sa bahay ng friend ko rin kmi tutuloy sa seoul na may asawang us navy,kaylangan pb ng invitation nila at meron bang group visa o individual ang bigay ng visa nila?d ba mas my chance na bigyan nila ang group?nagtravel na rin kmi sa ibang bansa,thank you…

  79. Frequent Visitors
    – Applicable to those who made more than 4 visits to Korea in the past two years, or more than 10 visits overall may enter Korea without a Korean visa as long as they have no Immigration offence or other criminal records
    Is this applicable to OFW’s who used to come and go here in Korea because they used to work here?

  80. just wanna ask, im a Filipino and permanent resident here in Australia, i bought a 2way ticket from Melbourne to Korea, Korean kasi bf ko and gusto niya ko ipakilala sa family niya.ang prob is, naka-book na ko, ngayon ko lang nalaman na kailangan pa pala ng visa.14 days lang ako kasi me work ako dito sa Australia.Actually 7 days lang kasi ang gawin ko lang pagdating ko ng Korea ng umaga, gabi me flight na ko, papunta ng pinas, 1week ako stay sa pinas. Tapos balik Korea for 1 week then balik na Australia. So From Australia to Korea, then Korea to Phils, then Phils to Korea and Korea to Australia.Ang gulo di ba? heheh! Kailangan ko pa ba ng visa kung ganito ang gawin ko.Balak ko lang din naman magtour sana dun. Ngayon, stressed na ko kasi next week na yung flight ko, nung binili naman namin yung ticket dito sa Australia sa Korean travel agency di naman nila sinabi na kailangan ko pa ng visa, eng eng din yung bf ko, di rin niya alam, Patulong naman. please. salamat. di ko na alam ano gawin ko. sayang naman kasi, gusto ko din talaga mag-tour sa Korea.

  81. hi, im a nurse here in the phil. tanung ko lng po kasi ng apply ako ng tourist visa to korea. ng pass ako ng requirements like bank account na maliit lang yung savings ko, certificate of employment stating ng current salary ko na nasa 12k lng, passport, pictures, invitation letter from my korean bf and his passport. both are just printed out lang po. my only purpose is to meet his parents lang nman kaso yung invitation letter na ginawa ng boyofriend ko nilagay niya na tutor niya ako dati dito sa philippines pero yung work ko naman ngayon e about sa medical. my possibility ba na madeny application ko sa visa? thx

  82. ano ang the best reason para ma-approved yung visa sa s.korea gusto ko lang mag-tourist? pwede po ba wala appearance? mahirap po ba mag-apply ng visa sa s.korea?

    1. hi peachy! pwede walang personal appearance… para makakuha ka ng visa, dapat magpakatotoo 😉 i mean kung gusto mo lang mag-tour then lagay mo yun sa reason kung bakit gusto mo magpunta ng korea… mahirap mag-apply ng visa kasi kailangan mo patunayan ang intention mo sa pagpunta sa korea

  83. hi MS. Betch,
    Dati po nagwork ako sa korea as entertainer for like 3 years balik lang ako sa korea pinas korea, tapos po nag change ako ng status. Naging F2-1 ako(married sa koreana). Ayun tapos na divorce ako di ko na pinag laban, anyway po tapos umuwi ako sa pinas after divorce. Ngayon almost 1 year na ako sa pinas. work na ako ulit pero di na ako kanta, sa office na ako work. Gusto ko mag tour sa korea kahit 10 days lang tapos may friend ako na mag bibigay sakin ng invitation. Mabigyan kaya ako ng tourist visa? What do you think po? Thank you.

  84. Hello Ms. Betchay,
    Will I be qualified na makapunta ng korea ng walang visa? meron akong re-entry visa for Canada and work permit…balak ko sanang mag stop-over ng korea on my way back to Canada for 5 days….papayagan kaya ako sa immigration ng korea? thank you po.

  85. iniinvite po ako ng friend ko n pumunta ng korea..gusto lang naman niya ipakita sakin kung ganu kaganda ang korea. pero di naman siya makabigay ng invitation letter dahil d daw ganun kadali kumuha ng invitation letter,, so panu kaya ako maka visit ng korea kung ganun? ibig bang sabihin wala ng pag asang makapunta ako ng korea?

    1. I didn’t provide an invitation letter but was approved a visa just this month. Merong pag-asa. 🙂

  86. hi everyone..i want to go SK on jan.15 for a 5days tour…..sana approve,ill be sending my docs to embassy nxt week..Bless everyone sana approve visa natin lahat..hehehe:)

  87. Hello po, iniinvite po ako ng student ko sa korea this winter. padadalhan po nya ako ng invitation letter, pero she was asking me kung ano ang isusulat nya. nakapagwork po ako last 2005 as a sales clerk, I wonder if meron akong ITR. may business po ako pero wala pa po akong business permit. kasi sinubukan ko lang po muna kung magki click. Ma’am, I’m afraid na wala po akong ITR. Kailangan ko din po bang magdeposit ng malaking saving sa isang account ko, kasi pero iba-iba po yung gamit kung account. kaya po hindi ganon kalaki yung sa isang account ko. I can’t provide Employment Certificate and ITR. Ano po bang pwede kong gawin.
    Please reply po Ma’am Betchay. God bless po

  88. Betchay,
    Thanks for helping us your fellows..I have questions,I hope you can help me too. I just received a message from my previous korean student(he was here 1 year and a half ago) and his Dad wants me to work in thier own company I think out of gratefulness. We talkd already many times..I think they are sincere. They want me to be there asap if possible this month.They would provide me with everything.meals, house, etc..What should be the easy step to realize this? I am worried on the interview and other rquirements needed because I workd for a Korean academies here in Cebu for more than 3 years now but both were not registerd to any government agencies here..I don’t have that much saving also to show.. please give some advice…thanks again,,,…

    1. Hi erjo! If they have a company, then they could probably sponsor you. They should ask the immigration office in their area on what they need to do. If you’re not coming here as a tourist, then they need to secure a CVI for you.

  89. pls i want to come to korea for business purpose and iam nigeria and base south africa how can come?.

  90. hi everyone..thanks to this blog and Ms.Betchay for all infos..I have visa now for 15days to SK,I got it Dec.28..yipeee!!! im so happy.Idont have invitation letter, I went there and submitted docs as said by Ms.Betchay…voila I have it now.Coming there on Jan.17 but needs to be back by Feb.1.Hope to see Ms.Betchay.

  91. BETCHAY,
    Gud eveng,I would like to visit my husband in SKOREA atleast 30 days,he’s a factory worker and I’m public school teacher,do i have to get tuorist visa,what are the requirements?

  92. paano po kumukuha nung c3 na visa? nagrant po kasi kami ng internship sa GIST. sana po matulungan niyo po kami sa question namin. thanks po 🙂

  93. hi poh betchay…
    am a filipina i go singapor on feb,11 2010 stay there for two months as a tourist and i want to exit in korea cause i have boyfriend there is a korean he send me a invitation and pay the tikets but i dont have visa i want to stay there 3 to 5 days only then i dont work in company i dont have job my boyfrend and my family support me i have bank how can i go korea what is the best thing to do to go there

    1. hi vina! you’ll have to apply for a visa at the Korean Embassy in Manila even if you are only planning to visit here for 3 to 5 days. if you’re not working and you don’t have an employment certificate, then just bring whatever documents you can bring with you… the embassy officials will decide if they are acceptable or not… good luck to you

  94. Hello Ms.Betchay!
    Makakuha po ba ako agad ng visa sa Korea?
    Last December nasa Dubai ako for vacation.
    And next month gusto ko magpunta sa Korea para bisitahin ang boyfriend ko. Sabi nya sa akin maghanap daw ako ng agency na tutulong sa akin para magkaron ng visa dahil wala din sya idea kung paano ako makapunta don. Yung invitation visa po ba? Sinabi nya sa akin pede daw yun pero paano po?
    Anu po ang kailangan namin gawin? Sabi ng friend ko mas madali na daw ako makapag abroad sa iba dahil nakalabas naman ako ng bansa.
    Salamat po !!

  95. hi betchay im myla,, i just have some questions regarding that i want to visit in Korea this year,,i’ve been work in korea for 2 yrs ,then im already here in canada,i have my working visa here in canada,it is possible that if i want to go in korea for visiting for 2weeks could i go even i dont have visa in Korea?…and other question i over stayed in korea for 1 month it is already been recorded in the immigration?did i offense the immigration?it is possible to visit the korea eventhough i overstayed previously?thank you so much

  96. Dear all i need to know what is the procedure of apply the visa for training in Korea Seoul i am working in Korean company in Dubai as accounts department but my company want me to send there in Korea head quarter for training for 10 days Please which visa should i apply to Korean consulate in Dubai which litter is required for training if any one know plz send me litter with paragraph.
    Please help me my e mail id is
    All expense paid by company like hotel and air ticket but i don’t know the visa procedure,
    Thanks in advance with best regards.zaman

  97. Miss Betchay,
    Hello po, i just want to ask po if malaki ang chance po namin ng parents ko mbgyan ni visa? Ang father ko po ay nagka visa na din ng US visa at nagpunta na din sa ibang bansa, like japan etc po. i asked my father po kasi na mamasyal po sa korea with my mom. pero si mama po, wla din pong visa pa, same po kami na wala pang experience sa pag iibang bansa. gsto lang po namin mamasyal ng buong family. Salamat po Miss Betchay. 🙂

  98. hi,
    i just want to ask what are the required requirements if im going to visit korea for just a working here now in korean company, and my boss is giving me the oppurtunity to visit his country.. he will shoulder all the expenses.. what are the things we need to secure so that i can go with them by april? hope to hear from you

  99. hi miss betchay,
    i have a question, my boyfren is working in korea for 3yrs and he wanted me to go and visit him. im working here at abudhabi the question is how can i visit korea is there any visa do i have to apply here and what about the invitation? my boyfren told me that i need an invitation from korea, pls help me what are the requirements. i am a filipino thank you so much..

  100. Hello!
    Were planning to go to Korea This April 2010, however I’m scared na madenied passport ko. This is my first time to go abroad however, this would be a company outing/incentives for us, with letter coming from HR that this would be a tour lang. Is there any possibility na madedeny yung ako?

  101. My name is HINA i am living in Saudi arabia but my NATIONALTY is Pakistan …and i want to visit to korea so can u help me out that from Saudi arabia how i can visit as havin pakistan passport…need i visa or i just can visit with rentry stamp on my passport ????????…pls help me …

  102. My name is HINA i am living in Saudi arabia but my NATIONALTY is Pakistan …and i want to visit to korea so can u help me out that from Saudi arabia how i can visit as havin pakistan passport…need i visa or i just can visit with rentry stamp on my passport ????????…pls help me …

  103. hello mis betchay,gusto ko lang po itanong,free visa napo ako,coz i enter korea 4x with in 2 years,when im in my 1st free visa entry,1 month lng binigay nila sa incheon,then my sister who is korean cetizen ask immigration in gwangju city to extend my stay for another 2 months and they allow us,they stamp permission of extension of sojourn.I plan to go back to korea again as free visa pwede pa rin ba magamit un?i already inquire PAL and book a ticket and they allowed me kc nga un daw policy ng korea atleast 4x with in 2 years nakaenter in korea proven by stamps.Mayron po ako nun,ang sakin lang po for assurance.Baka mahold ako,d naman sana.please reply.hintay po ako.more power.Godbless us..hehehe

    1. hi vilma! oo visa free ka na as long as hindi ka nag-overstay before… as far as i know ha… pag ayaw ka papasukin ng immigration sa korea, just ask them to call your sister or your brother-in-law

  104. hi again miss betchay,its me again.salamat sa reply really help to stand my confident kc nga natatakot ako,as far as i know kc d naman ako nag overstay last visit ko,kc nag ask permission naman kami sa immigration at uuwi ako sa takdang araw kung kelan lang nila allowed me to stay at may stamp po un.Natatakot lng kc ako baka matulad ako ng iba ung narinig na na A-A lang.Salamat ulit and please pray for me, i relly miss my pamangkins na rin.

  105. hi ms betchay! my brother and i are planning to visit korea this sept. meron akong discounted ticket kasi i work in an airline. yon lang mpapakita ko sa embassy pag apply ng visa. ok n po kaya yon? pls help me with other requirements para mkpag prepare ako… thanks and best regards!

    1. hello! i’m an airline employee too 🙂 during my past visits there i submitted lang my itr,coe,bank cert,fotocopies of my past visas,my company id and picture for the application form..ay and yung fotocopy nung info page ng pspt ko.hope this helps! baka we’re working pa with the same airline 🙂

  106. hi, i hace a very good friend named betchay too. she was married to a korean hahha im wondering if its you… Anyway maybe not.. Just want to ask coz im planning to go korea with package tour but still i need visa even for 3 days only.. How can go to korea and what type of visa will i process?… thanks

  107. good evening miss betchay, ask ko lang po kung paano magkaroon ng visit visa. i have a korean friend and he’s been here 6 times, im his guide when he was here. Now im planning to go to korea, can u help me what r the requirements for visiting friend in korea? and he also asked me wat he will do to get me in korea easily. Thank u :]

  108. Hello betchay,
    im glad to see your blog. i am tutoring a korean now, and thier mother wants me to accompanied them to go to korea, kasi minor age pa yung studyante ko. they said they will shoulder everything. today, i just went to korean embassy in makati (philippines) and asked about the requirements for visa, since this is my first time to go out from the country… i saw that they were asking for my parent’s bank account and ITR (income tax return) kasi student pa ko. my problem is my parents doesn’t have any of these. do you think i have any other option? is there any possibility for me to still go there???
    i hope you could send me email @
    (i would be very greatful if someone from the readers would take time to send me some email about this concern of mine)
    salamat po!

  109. hello. good day. ^^
    i’m an ESL instructor in cebu for koreans. just recently i received an invitation from my student to visit his place in seoul ~ maybe 4-7 days depending on the vacation my company will allow me.
    i’m wondering.. do i have to apply for a korean tourist visa? because if i’ll apply i think it will take a long time.
    what else can i do to visit my student without applying for a visa. it will be my first time to visit my student and korea as well.
    i hope you can provide me a good solution to this. thank you very much.

  110. hello!i’m very happy that i was dropped by this page for my first time.I’m anamarie living here in korea for 9 years now.My husband is a korean,we haved 2 kids 5 and 6 yrs old.But my problem is…how to invite my sisters in the Philippine to go here in korea?I mean ,maybe this year we will visit to Philippine and then my sisters they can go together with me?if we comeback here in korea?(ate BETCHAY)my sister is 23 yrs old and my youngest is 21 yrs old now ,for there ages matatanggap ba yon sila ate betch?Hope you can reply me as soon as possible.GOD BLESS YOU ….ate betchay

  111. hi,gusto ko lng po sana itanong kung
    ano po mga kelngan for tourist visa to korea,
    i stat only 5days lng po.
    please answer me it’s my first time po
    kc pmunta sa ibang bnsa.

  112. hello po!
    tatanong ko lang po sana paano po kung na deny ka sa pag kuha ng visa d2 sa korean embassy sa pinas may iba pa po ba paraan para maka punta ng korea para mag tour sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako sa katanungan ko sana po ay mabigyan nyo ako ng kasagutan

  113. how much po ang show money sa tourist visa and anu po ung mga grounds para ma-deny ang visa application? pls reply pls…

  114. hi, im a filipino and i have a girlfriend who is a korean, we’ve been living together for 1 year already in the Philippines . My girlfriend right now is pregnant and we want to visit her parents in korea and tell them that we will be getting married after she gave birth. Do i need to apply for a tourist visa ? What are the requirements i need ? we already have a round trip ticket good for 2 persons for 5 days visit in korea. Please help me…….thanks

    1. hi dante! Yes you’ll need to apply for a tourist visa. Ask your girlfriend to accompany you at the Korean embassy. The requirements are: ITR, Certificate of Employment, invitation (she could just write it), application form, bank statement, passport and a picture.

      1. thank you for your advice, is this 100% approve already ? coz my girlfriend is worried about it………ill let u know the result next week. thnx

        1. one more question , where should i pay for the application fee of $30 ? Is it directly in the Embassy or any associated banks in the Philippines ?

          1. You’ll only need to pay the application fee if you’re staying for the more than 60 days (but less than 90 days). You’ll pay the fee upon application. Do you have plans of getting married in Korea?

  115. thank you for your reply, we dont know yet or maybe when she gave birth already. is it difficult to get married in korea ? Do you know the requirements for civil wedding in korea ?

    1. hi dante! it’s not difficult to get married in korea… but remember, as a filipino tourist you could only stay in korea for 3 months… then you’ll have to go home and apply for a tourist visa again… up to 4 times before you could enter the country visa free
      i’ll write about the requirements in getting married in the philippines and in korea later…

      1. ok, thank you very much for the informations you’ve given. ill wait for your reply and god bless us

        1. do you have any infos about civil wedding in korea ? pls let me know what are the requirements for the civil wedding.tnx

  116. hello poh,
    i have USAF BOYFRIEND IN kOREA And he wants me to visit there.. madali lang po ba na mag apply ng korean visa? and how long it will takes? thanks po

  117. posible po bang mag visit sa korea with my 3 year old child. my friend invited me der pero nandun din husband ko working. i have all the documents needed, becouse i have water station biz. my posiblity kaya na mdenay kmi bcos hubby is working der?…pls give me tips. tnx

    1. Hi Levy, it was Nov 2004 I applied tourist visa with my 18months old son, no invitation, only the required docs I submitted and luckily we visited Korea for 90 days. My husband was also in Korea that time but I didn’t declare him.

  118. Hayyy!!..kainis talaga embassy ng korea..npaka strikto!..I`m bing and a college student I submitted all my requirements nah kailagan ng embassy pro denied pa rin yung visa ko..kainis talaga!!

    1. hi bing! ganyan talaga… try again na lang next time… ipon-ipon ka para mas masaya ang trip mo rito

  119. elow ms. bechay..
    ang daddy q ay nasa korea..kelangan q ng certificate of apperance na sa katunayan nasa korea xa..hindi daw sya makakakuha sa korean embassy..
    pwede kaya na aq nalang ang kumuha d2 sa manila ng certificate of appearance sa korean embassy..need your reply pls…..

  120. hi ate betchay , do you know what are the requirements for my 2nd visit in korea ? is it still the same ? please let me know if you have information. thank u

  121. Hi bing, tanong ko lang po nag try me before ng visa kaya lang denied ang visa ko .anytime pwedeng me apply again ? mag3years kaming nagsama ng korean husband ko pero di pa kami kasal complicated pa kc.then last week umuwi sya ng korea para mag pagamot.then now i need to viset morethan a week in korea kc naka confine sya ngayon sa ospital.let me know about more imformation sana matulungan mo ako .tnx sonia

  122. hi im irene,just wanna ask if ano kya posible reason kya na ddeny ang scared about this!mag aaply sana me for tourist visa there,,ano kya posible na money m sa bank im employed..i have 150k in my bank account oks n kya to?hoping for ur reply…pwd kya next wik n mag pasok di kya sila strick ngyn?tnx and more power

    1. hi ayen! wala naman talaga sa pera yan or status mo… yung isang nagpabili sa ‘kin ng ticket to attend a concert, student siya… yung mom niya nabigyan ng visa pero siya hindi kahit sabay sila nag-apply

  123. do you know what are the requirements for 2nd visit in korea ? is it still the same ? please let me know if you have information. thank u

  124. hi ms betchay…i love to go to Korea…i’m proud to say I’m a big fan of kim nam gil aka bidam of Queen Seon Deok…i’m planning to go there and work na rin…what i’ve seen in the net, factory ( dami rin apply sa poea) and teaching ( di po ako teacher)
    …my background is call center, kahit anong jobs po meron i will accept…
    i appreciate infos/ any help wherein i go to korea and work…many thanks po!

  125. Hi. I would like to ask what are the requirements that i need to pass for having korean visa? Im really planning to go there as a tourist coz my boyfriend wants me to go there and visit his place.
    Thank you

  126. hi how are you my name sajjad iam leagel stay live in south my d-8 visa my passport stamp iam leagel stay live in south korea iam secend time work permint visa apply any halp me my nomber 0092 334 8385045
    0092 303 5945739 good by

  127. hello can i ask something on how much money i should prepare for visiting korea like planes fee and house fee? please reply me thanks

  128. Hello,
    I am going to be on a stopover in Korea on my way to China – I will be a teacher in China and will have that visa – however- If I get a visa stamp in my passport for Korea on the stopover – would that mean I will not have to do the consulate interview requirement for Korea teaching jobs – if I later want to teach in Korea? I would like to eventually teach in Korea – but not have to return to the USA just to do a consulate interview.

  129. hi there! you know what? i spoke with a very rude employee of SK embassy last week ‘coz i was inquiring if i should still secure a visa ‘coz i’ve been there 4x already (in less than 2 yrs) i don’t know if she can really count or if she knows the order of months in a year..i’m an airline employee you see,and i verified with my other friends in other airlines and they said i don’t need to have a visa question is, should i secure a stamp or a notation from the embassy that i’m visa-free? hope you can help me,thanks a lot!

  130. hello po
    i want to know how to get a korean visa because i want to go there as a tourist my bf is korean he want me to go there but many people told me very strick the korean embassy now…what kind of document i prepare and how much the money u need in ur bank plz answer me…..

    1. hi Crizel! the Korean Embassy has been strict since 1994 in giving out tourist visas… anyway, you need to prepare:
      – application form
      – ITR
      – Certificate of Employment
      – bank statement (as much money as you can reasonably have)
      – invitation from your boyfriend

  131. how are you my name sajjad iam live in pakistan
    iam fist time visa c2 stamp my passport iam statues change in south korea d-8 iam two intre live in south korea iam leagel stay sout korea but my need work permint any more halp me mu nomber 0092 334 8385045 0092 303 5945739
    good by

  132. Do i need tourist visa to korea? how long it takes? plan namin magkita ng husband ko sa korea, im here in the Philippines, at my husband from USA,, 14 days lang kmi dun if ever,,, what i gonna do?

  133. im hannah..good afternoon miss betchay..tanung ko lang po if makakapunta ba ako agad sa korea after weeding namin?..kailangan ko pa po ba ng visa?
    kasi po plano po namin dun kami titira..pls reply po asap..tnx po

  134. Hi,
    I just got a news from my boyfriend in Korea that there is a fee-entry visa now to Korea for Filipinos just for this month of november. He said you only need to show them your TOR and ITR. I just don’t know exactly if those are the exact requirements for that. The korean government is granting that only for Filipinos for this month of November, the following month december will be given to another country said by my bf. Is this true? if there’s any truth about this hope u could respond in there. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Kitty! Hinahanap ko pero wala akong makita eh. Most likely hindi totoo pero walang mawawala kung tatawag mismo sa Embassy. Ang risk lang naman eh maasar sa ‘yo ang kausap mo. Pero hindi ka naman niya kilala so okay lang ;p

  135. Hi Betchay, what does this mean in your post “more than 10 visits overall”? Can a person who has visited korea more than 10 times but his last visit was 2 years ago qualify for no visa? Fyi, he worked in korea for a few years. Also, what is the URL of the korean government website that you cited for this info? Thanks!

  136. hi betchay…i wnt to go in korea do i still need to get a tourist visa,,its my frst time to travel abroad

  137. hi po tanong ko lng po kung pano po pumunta ng korea ng walang visa kasi yung friend ko at bf nyang japanese gusto pumunta ng korea sana po masagot nyo po ang tanong ko thnx and have a good day

  138. nagbago na po ba ang regulations ng korean embassy sa pinas?
    for those family members na iinvite mo..yung ate ko nakapunta dito last 2009 and then she allowed to apply visa again after a year na dumating xa sa it means mahirap mkapunta sa korea 4x in 2 years because you need to wait 1year again to apply for korean visa again…

    1. hi omma… pwede naman mag-apply agad ng visa pagkabalik sa pilipinas… so hindi impossible yung 4x in 2 years kasi marami na akong kilala na ganun ang kaso ;p
      yung isa blogger… at yung isa auntie ng friend ko… yung auntie ng friend ko, after a month sa pinas apply uli siya ng visa at balik korea hanggang umabot sa time na hindi na siya nag-aapply ng visa

  139. thank you so much maam betchay 🙂
    im so happy to hear about it, thank you so much God Bless you & your family

  140. thanx po te betchay..maybe case to case basis siguro..
    yung ate ko kasi 2nd time na punta nya dito after 2mos ininvite uli nmin xa sabi sa knya after 6mos pa daw xa pd mag apply then after 6mos pinag apply uli nmin xa sabi nmn after a year uli..inaway na nga ng asawa ko kinausap na nga nya yung mismong consul kasi panay bayad lng ng for visa tas ma dedeny lng pla..depende din cguro sa mood nila pagbbgay ng visa:(

  141. ask lng po about sa bank certificate ok lng ba ung sa daddy ko ung gamitin ko? naimbitahan lng po aq n bf ko visit 1 week e nito march na. pwede ba un?? tutal sagot aman n bf ko lahat pati ticket. wala kc aq work now and bank account. or mag oopen aq ok lng ba….kaka Open account pa lng.

  142. HI. I want my girlfriend over from the Philippines on a 30 day tourist visa, but i am a little confused by some of the requirements.
    *Income tac return…. Is that a paper where it confirm that she have been or do work in the philippines, like an income??
    *Certificate of Employment……. Is that a paper where she have to show that she is working in philippines or will work in korea? If so, why is that needed if she is only there to visit as a tourist? Can u get this if she is not working?
    Thanks for all the answers to come.

  143. Hi Ms. Betchay. I already have a ticket to Korea from April 16-July 13. Meron nako confirmed flight ticket. I got my C3 visa this week (third ko na) and it only says 59 days period of sojourn even if I paid 1,500 for the 90-day visa. 80+ days kasi ang planned stay ko dahil sa ticket. How do I fix it? Denied kaya ako ng 90-day visa or possible ba na nagkamali sila? Di ko na kasi marerebook flight ko.
    Will they be able to change the length of stay allowed in the visa? Should I apply for a new one? Or should I just ask for an immigration stamp of extension once in Korea?
    Thank you very much.

  144. Hello po Ms Betchay. I’m planning to visit my husband and my in-laws in Korea for 2 weeks only, because my husband and I are starting a business here in the Philippines so I have to go back (do i have to declare this in applying?). My husband is a Korean and we got married just last year. I’m also planning to apply for spouse visa, but most people think it got more complicated this year. So do you think it would be easier and faster if I apply for tourist visa first? Because I already bought a round trip ticket and will be traveling this May. I heard about visit visa, is it the same as with tourist visa? What requirements do I have to prepare for travel visa or visit visa? Thank you very much po Ms Betchay. I will wait for your reply.

  145. Hello po, tanong lang po ako if kelangan ko mag-apply ng Visa?.. Andito po ako ngayon sa Palau, pupunta ako sa Qatar, pero wala kami direct flight Palau to Qatar, ang option ko po is connect flight ako sa Incheon, SOuth Korea.. then S.Korea to Qatar.. kailangan ko pa ba apply ng visa, since transit lang po ako?.. thank you po…

  146. hello gud day. i am Mitos fom Philippines. i am marriade and i just wanna ask something my husband is a norwagean.i just wanna ask something that bothered me. my husband is working in korea and he wants me to go with him like visit him there.but unfortunately we tried so many times to apply.but the Philippine Korean embassy always ask us to pass an invitation letter and contract company of my husband.but the american company did not allow to give/release a thats our problem coz that is the most important document that we needed.
    pls reply as soon as possible.
    thank you very much!!

  147. hi poh mam,ask me lang poh sana kc may visa p poh me until june 19,2011 in a e-6 visa.bale ang tatak poh skin ay until april15,2011.umuwi poh me ng march 11,2011 d2 s hndi n me nkbalik jan s korea.mkkakuha poh kya me ng tourist visa?thanks

  148. hi ms betchay!
    Just want to ask you if I do need a visa when entering Korea and stay their for about a week before heading home to the Philippines. I am a permanent resident of Canada and will be traveling next year.
    Thank you so much..god bless.

    1. Hi Hannah! When my nephew had a lay over at Incheon, he was given a 30-day permit to stay in Korea at the immigration office. He is a Philippine passport holder and a US resident. Well, he only stayed for a couple of hours but he vowed to come back ;p

  149. hi po. ask ko lang po kung pano kumuha ng tourist visa? ngayon june po kasi punta ako. pero 2-3days lang naman po ako dun.ano po need ko? help! 🙁

  150. hello po sis..
    naguguluhan kasi ako. ung student ko kasi hnhire ako sa company na owned ng husband nya, at kung saan ung student ko ang mismong CEO…
    Q1: Tourist visa pa din ba aaply-an ko?
    Q2: ung letter of invitation is from the company mismo?
    Q3: wala na bang interview pag nagapply sa embassy?
    q4: regarding certificate of employment kasi i work online as a blogger/article writer. i have a boss from London. mag8 months na ako sa kanila. pwede bang gamitin un??

  151. hello po, ask ko lang nasa US gf ko pero tourist visa lang din hawak nya dun and she’s going back to the phil.this november can she come here without a visa or she needs to apply visa sa US?

  152. hi miss betchay,
    good day po, ask kolang din po if ever mg aapply ng visa sa from there ung gf ko sa US if ever mabigyan sya ng 30day visa,pwede ba nyang paextend d2 ng another month or 2 ang visa nya,para mgsabay na kaming umuwi ng pinas by then.thank u po sna po masagot nyo pa ang mga tanong ko.God Bless 😉

  153. hi mis betchay,
    ask ko lang po if pwede ako mgapply ng tourist visa to south korea, from UK po kasi ako… i like to visit there kahit 2 weeks lang…its important i need to visit my love one there to surprise him for his birthday. hope masagot po ninyo ang aking querry…thanks po and God bless

  154. hello miss betchay
    ask ko po if theres no visa required to go for a visit to south korea kahit 2 weeks lang??

    1. as far as i know, if you’re from the Philippines~everybody needs a visa even just for a few days travel to SoKor.

  155. hi po pno po b mkakuha ng tourist visa? gusto po kasi ng gf ko n mag aral ako ng korean language sa korea korean citizen po yung gf ko. so anu po bang need ko pra makapag apply?

  156. hi janet,nid mong mg apply ng visa, sguro may korean embassy naman jan sa UK, working permit ka ba jan? kse ako tourist ako dto sa US and im going to korea this oct or nov so pumunta ako sa korean embassy,xerox copy lang ng mga documents ko like bank cert,income tax return,bus name,xerox copy ng visa ko dto,so after 1 day nakuha ko na visa ko wala pang bayad at 90 days pa nilagay ko sa form nga pla u can print the form for visa application punta ka lang sa site ng korean embassy.

  157. hi ms. betchay,
    ask ko lng po, i am married to US serviceman and I am preggy and was told by my korean Ob na need ko bedrest. I got 3 kids and I really need help. Naisip kong papuntahin yung pinsan ko dito since wala akong kapatid to help out until manganak ako. Can I apply for CVI dito base on F-1? Wala kasi syang maipapakitang requirements if C-3. Pls help.. TIA

  158. ask ko lng po if possible ulit ako makakuha ng visa?pang 2 time na po e2 kaya lng before my work pa ako at ITR pero ngayun po wala me work small business lng kulang req,ko possible kya me matanggap uli……..tnx……

  159. hi ms betchay~
    I’m keynes and i’m just curiuos if, okay lang ba pumunta ng South Korea ng walang Visa?? kasi me and my cousin is just planning to visit my boyfriend and my other friends for a span of 4 weeks. Is it possible to go there with that span of time without tourist visa??my boyfriend wants me to go there but we don’t know the ways and do’s of going there. And we have passport already. It’s really our dream to go there.
    Waiting for your kind reply^^~
    By theway you can send me e-mail:

  160. hi i found this site through those post is sooo helpful!!!! my querry is about visiting or touring south korea during my vacation leave in phil. I still have a working visa here in middle east..
    can you give me an over all senario about what should i do?
    Plz do reply 🙂
    toda raba (thank you very much)

  161. Good eve po mam Betchay. Ask ko lng po kong pwede akong magexit dito sa Korea papunta Canada? at mabigyan po kaya ng visa ng canadian embassy holding po lahat ng mga kailangan documents.Thanks a lot po mam.

  162. nasa Canada na po ang wife ko at pinarequest po ako sa company nila.Makaexit po kaya ako dito sa Korea,EPS po ako at di ko na balak magextend ng contract.Maapprove po kaya ako sa Canadian embassy at makuha ng working visa.Thanks a lot po.

  163. Hi? tanong koh lang poh sna mag aaply kasi ako ng visa by next week sa korean embassy but gusto koh isma ang frend koh passport lang ang hawak niya…pwede koh poh ba xang maisama pocble poh kling mbigyn kmi ng visa llo na xa?thank u..

  164. good day .. I actually want to visit korea by november. Upon reading I saw that in order to get a tourist visa you should present bank statement and certificate of employment unfortunately I just resigned from my job this august 2011 and I dont have any bank statement. Is it still possible for me to get a tourist VISA? what would be the requirements?
    P.S the invitation letter will be come from my close friend technically we are not related. Do you think it will affect me going to korea? thank you so much.. godspeed1

    1. Hi Nelmer! It might be possible. I know someone who quit her job, before she applied for the visa, so that she could visit Korea for two weeks. She didn’t get it.

  165. I’m unemployed but my parents will be with me when we visit Korea and applying for visa. What documents should I present??? I don’t have those documents above such as the ITR, BC etc. just my passport. Hope you could help!

  166. Hello miss Betchay my husband is working in SK. textil “small family business , 5 yrs na siya doon gusto ko sanang Bisitain husband ko peru ang problema wala akong business at wala akong trabaho dito. my savings kami peru nasa pangalan ng anak ko peru hindi malaki. nag try po siyang humingi ng invitation letter sa amo niya ang problema di alam ng amo nya kong paano. di rin fluent husband ko ng korean.may iba po bang paraan na pwede ka mi maka apply ng tourist visa? kami ng anak ko? Salamat!

  167. Hi to all, please advise if there’s direct flight from Philippines to Jeju Island? We wanted to have our honeymoon there for a week..
    Philippines- Jeju Island – Singapore…
    Do we still need to process our visa?
    Thank you very much. =)

    1. Irish,
      You can enter jeju island without a visa BUT once in Jeju, you are not allowed to enter mainland Korea…try PAL or other airlines that flies to Jeju…

  168. Hello Ms Betchay,
    Is it true that if you are a green card holder in the US and have a Philippine passport, you do not need a visa to enter S.Korea if its less than 30 days? There is a lot of conflicting response I’m getting. Please advise.
    Thank you

  169. hi to everyone, my dad is a US green card holder and has Cambodia passport. Is it OK for him to visit a family for a few hours during his waiting flight to Cambodia? Does he need to have a visa to get out off the Incheon airport or not? please help!!!

    1. hi nary! yes it’s okay for your dad to leave the airport and visit his family while on a layover at incheon airport… he won’t need a visa…

  170. Hi mam Betchay I just want to ask is there any agency that can help me I really want to work there in Korea my problem is I don’t have money to use for the application, any job i am willing to accept as long as legal in Korea


  172. Dear Ms. Bechay,
    Good day po!
    gusto ko lng pong tanungin kung ilang beses po bang pwedeng mag-apply as a Tourist yung brother ko kc we invited him once last August and we invite him again this December but the Korean embassy in Phils, refused to accept his application as they changed the Rule that you can invite family members once a year na lng so tanung ko lng po kung ilang beses po ba cya pwedeng mg tour dito sa korea, as an independent tourist without our invitation? completo po papers nya.
    please help po eto po email add ko po:
    Thank you so much po please reply nman po maring salamat po!
    Merry christmas po Ms. Bechay!

  173. Dear Ms. Betchay,
    I have been reading your blogs about Korea since September but i was kinda confused if i should consult my case to you or not. I am in China for 2 years now as an English teacher and my 2-year bf who is now my fiance wants me to go there for vacation since i have no class til march. I know that they need an ITR coz that is one of the requirements but the thing is i cant provide one since i am out of the country, we tried going to the Korean Embassy but the Korean lady gave me back my documents and told me to get an ITR before i apply for a visa, what should i do? Thank you, il wait for your advice 🙂

    1. Hello Missy,
      You can possibly apply for a korean visa there in China. In lieu of the ITR, a certificate of employment and pay slip from your employer (school) is a big help to prove you have no intention to work in korea and that you are going back to China. Further, attach a copy of your employment contract and a certificate of employment from your head master…

      1. Thank you so much Visa Guro, Im sorry for the late reply, been busy since i decided to go back here in China. I am working on my papers now and i decided to get an agency who can help, i asked the Korean Embassy and they were able to give me a list of agencies. Im crossing my fingers for this one.

  174. Good day.
    I’ll be traveling to Busan SK a few months from now. I’m 24 yo and is currently a medical intern. By reading various threads, I realize it’s not like HK or Macau where VISA is not needed. My dilemma is how I’ll be able to apply for one. I still don’t have an ITR, my bank account is for safe keeping and doesn’t hold much and I’m not technically employed at our hospital since im just completing my internshp for a year. I’ll be there for a few days as a vacation before my board exam, and i’ll be traveling alone. Is it possible to get a VISA with my status? I don’t want to bother my mom applying with me for the VISA. Hope you can help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ed! The Embassy is very strict with the documents. You should be able to furnish the ones they require. They wouldn’t even bother accepting your application if you lack even one of the documents in the list of requirements.

      1. oww. do you have any suggestions on how i can go around with my status? If my mom would help me apply for my visa(since she has the required documents), will it still be possible even if im already beyond 18? Or do i have other options like applying through travel agencies? Thank you ma’am Betchay.

        1. Hi Ed! If you apply through a travel agency, you’ll still need to submit the required documents. If you’re still a student, even if you’re not 18 anymore you could use your mom’s documents.

  175. Hello Ed,
    ALL EMBASSY RULES ARE FLEXIBLE OR CASE TO CASE BASIS. Remember that. In your case, try to talk or make internal arrangement with the hospital director about your intended trip to SK. A certificate of employment, certifying that you are not a permanent employee is a help (casual and non-permanent status does not require ITR in the Phil.). The hospital can certify you are an intern “with allowance” or whatever the hospital head thinks appropriate. In the absence of bank cert, you can attach a copy of your credit card or atm cards, Pls NOTE that the embassy will not be calling the bank asking how much money left on your account- they just verify if you are really banking with them. Alternatively, you can open an atm account at BPI or BDO….just email me if you have some queries

    1. Thanks. I think i can work that out, at least would give a try. I’ll surely email you if i have other queries. Much help you’ve extended. God bless. 🙂

    2. Hello visa guro, how about your certificate of employment they would also call your employer?to confirm that u are connected to them?nag resign na kasi ako sa work ko

  176. Hello! your website is very informative. I have some question about the visa because its confusing. I am a US permanent resident with philippine passport. I am planning to visit korea this april 2012. i called the korean consulate in san francisco if i need a visa to enter but she said I dont need a visa. on the website it says i need to apply. my ticekt is sfo-seoul-manila 5 days in korea and return ticket is manila-seoul-manila. Hope to get a response. Thanks!

    1. *On the website it says i need to apply. my ticket is sfo-seoul-manila 5 days in korea and return ticket is manila-seoul-sfo. Hope to get a response. Thanks!

      1. You don’t need a visa. When my mom was still a US green card holder, she came here and stayed for a few days without a visa.

    2. It is clearly stated on the guidelines and may I quote..”Travellers with a valid visa or a re-entry permit to U.S., Japan, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand (5 countries) and travelling to any one of those countries through Korea. They must have a confirmed onward flight ticket for departure within 30 days after entering Korea to any of the mentioned countries, in addition to having no record of criminal offense in the five countries mentioned above.”
      Regardless of what visa category among the above-mentioned countries, you can enter Korea without a visa AS LONG AS THE VISA IS VALID.

  177. hello po
    tanong ko lng po, my plan kasi ako mag visit ng korea after garduation ko this coming march, wala pa po akong work and wala akong bank account sa ate at kuya ko lng meron pwd po yung ang gagamitin ko cla rin kasi at ang bf ko ang bahala sa lahat2 po… ung bf ko lng nag work sa korea po, need ko ba rin ba ang invitation letter nia??? tnx po plz help me GBU

    1. Basically, all embassy requires proof of fund (bank certificate) as one requirement for tourist/visit visa. Also, the so-called “strong ties” is still the basis whether or not an applicant will be granted a visa; this pertains to your financial capacity to travel, employment or source of income, assets or any proof that you are coming back after the intended visit…Kailangan pakita mu na may babalikan ka dito sa pinas na magandang trabaho o negosyo at walang senyales na mag TNT/overstay ka sa korea..send me your email and I will send some guidelines on how to attain a higher chance of visa approval…

        1. Hi Visa guro. I’d like to ask you some questions regarding student visa application po to Korea. Hope you can give me a guide for higher chance of visa approval. thank you! here’s my email address?:

          1. hello visa guro, i just returned from a 5 years work in singapore and planning to visit south korea, particularly busan, i have a relative there which i have not seen for a long time now, by the way, the round trip ticket is free, courtesy of my brother who is working in 1 of the airlines here in the philippines. my question is how i can increase my chances of getting a visa when i dont have work or business to show for the moment (i am just a month here since arrival from singapore) bank statement is not a problem as i have saved enough money. here is my email add; you can e mail me your reply. thank u and more power to u.

  178. Basic requirements are as follows:
    – Application form
    – Passport sized photo
    – Original Passport (6Mons.Valid), Copy of passport first page.
    Short-term Visas(C-3) for Tourists: Single Entry
    – For short term visitors to Korea
    – Visa Requirements
    1. Employment Certificate or Business Registration issued by SEC or DTI.
    2. Personal Bank Certificate
    3. Individual ITR or Form 2316 Copy (the previous year).
    Visa fees are as follows
    – Base on visa fees exemption agreement, 59 days or less stay in Korea → Gratis
    – More than 59days stay in korea → Single entry Php1500
    → Double Visa →Php3000
    → Multiple entry →Php4000
    ask ko lng po, may work din ako ngayon d2 kso ang certificate of employment ko eh ibibigay lng po ng company nmen pag mag papa end of contract ako or resign… pls help me nmn po send me sa email ko kung may aalam kyo na travel agency na nag o offer ng package tour to south korea at may visa assistance na rin po… salamat po ng marami in advance!

  179. hello po! ask ko lng po sana if i need to re-apply for a tourist visa if i still have a valid visa from korea. i have a c-3 single entry visa which has a final entry date of april 12 ’12. i entered korea last feb 11 and departed feb 15. do i still need to apply for a visa if i want to go to korea again on april 5?! thanks!

  180. Hi,
    I am currently working in India right now and i was invited by my friend to go to Korea.
    Is it possible for me to go to S.Korea without any visa upon arrival and my flight itinerary will be from Mumbai-Incheon-Phil (which is my final destination).

    1. Hi Kelvin! I think it’s only applicable if your destination or you’re coming from the countries mentioned in the exemption.

      1. Thanks for the info Ms Betchay,
        I have another question, and actually this came up from my best friend.
        Its actually the same scenario but this time we will go together and arrive in Korea and he will be my sponsor.

  181. Hi Ms. Betchay! Just want to verify po, I’ve been to Korea 4x in less than 2years. My first visit was June 2010, i’m planning to go back this coming May 2012 before my 2yrs expires on June 2012. Am i visa free already since it will be my 5th visit in Korea? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  182. i am pakistan passport holder and want to visit the jiju iland ,advice me what can i do for my trip

  183. Katatanggap lng ng visa ng family ko 5 kmi. 1 day in busan then 3 days sa JEJU ISLAND 3 pass 2 denied ngayon may ticket n kmi Phil – Busan – Jeju ang tanong ko po eh kung pde pdn b na sumabay sila mama samin phil to busan then stay sila sa airport at hantayin ang connecting flight nmn pa jeju sana po may mkasagot samin dahil sa thursday na ang alis nmn thank you po

  184. Hi Miss Betchay i have a friend in korea who is a us army and wants to invite me to korea is it possible for him to invite me?but the problem is that i dont have a job at the moment!

  185. musta po ask ko lng po kung ano po gagawin ko pra makapunta sa korea ksi mo me sakit ang fiancee ko nsa hospital sya ngayun sbi po bago sya maoperahan gusto nya kmi magkita s korea ano po tama ko gawin ksi 1st tym ko po punta dun kung ano po mga papeles n kailangan kong prepare ksi sbi ng doctor nya need n maoperahan ngayung last week ng april kailangan dun n ako bago sya maoperahan ksi po pangalawa n operasyon nya una po sa italy sya naoperahan ano po gagawin ko pra makapunta dun agad?salamat po

  186. at wla po ako sa mga documents n yan ma’am only pasport po hawak ko.kya po sya dun n ulit mag paopera ksi dw po mahirapan ako makapunta sa italy so sbi nila mas madali po jan sa korea ako maka bisita sknya

  187. hi miss betchay,
    i read here na if coming from 5 countries with valid visas from these countries e pwede mag-stay sa korea for couple of days?
    i have a US working visa, im planning to visit korea by august… so kung yung ticket ko is US-incheon then after one week of stay sa Korea, balik by incheon-US, i’m good without applying for korean visa? or kailangan for green card holder lang or dapat transit point lang ang korea to the next destination?

    1. Hello Gian…Pwedeng-pwede ka po mag drop/stay in Korea as long as you have a valid visa among those 5 countries mentioned…

  188. Hi Sir/Madam
    I am pakistani National and i am pakistani Passport holder i have Comapny in Bangkok Thailand i get korea Business visa 4 times fron Baangkok Thailand and i been traveld 4th times in korea at Business visa in 2 years is 5th times i will be on arival or i need 5th times korea Business visa please reply me soo as soon thanks.

  189. I am form Turkmenistan And I have boyfriend In Korea and he also Koean How we can maarried? who can help us? Please somebody tell the way how we can Married!

  190. please help me im currently unemployed and i resigned from my job last november 2011. me and my sister are planning to tour korea on june.. can i submit my form 2316 from last year??.. ang money namen sa bank is 50,000 pesos each. enough na kaya yun? and ano ba ang pwede ko ilagay sa business name? blank nalang? pano ko sila macconvince na tourist lang tlga ang pnta namen,, pwde ba ang ilagay ko na personal fund and my sister ang mag shhoulder ng expenses namen?

    1. Hi Cristal! Mainam na na totoo ang mga dokumento ninyo. Kung anong papeles meron ka eh iyon ang ibigay mo. Nasa diskresyon ng konsul kung bibigyan kayo or hindi ng visa.

  191. Hi miss betchay,,
    I really need your advice, i am currently a caregiver student here in cebu city,but my american BF that is working in korea want me to go to JEJU ISLAND as his birthday gift for me, as he want me to celebrate my birthday in my dream place for 4 days only coz i cannot skip school too long than that….as i read jejudo island is a free visa for a filipino passport holder but still the approval to enter the airport is still in the immigration and i can provide like 100thousand in my show money i mean in my bank account statement, ive been in thailand once for 4 days too,,,is there any posibility that i will be hold in immigration?
    thansk a lot,hope you reply in this post…..keep up the good work and god bless to you….

    1. Hi Judiza! Even with visa holders, there is still the possibility of not being accepted. I’m sure you have read or heard about people going from A to A even with visas. It’s really up to the immigration to allow you or not. Just think positively and show them that you’re just going to stay for a few days.
      Good luck and I hope you have a nice birthday.

  192. hi. just want to clarify. no need transit visa na diba if stop by lang sa korea. we’re heading to canada kase and we’re planning to get tix sa korean air. and is it true 30 days pwede stay? salamat


    1. You better apply for any conference in korea for you to be issued an invitation letter by the organizer…this will give you a higher chance to be issued a visa…Goodluck!

  194. hello po tanung ko lng po sana miss betchay kc im working here in japan married to france i invited my mom here so balak nmin na pumasyal cya sa korea so bale japan -korea-pinas.kailangan pa ba nya ng korean visa, pls reply po.thank you n god bless

  195. kailanga pa po ba ng tourist visa kung 25 days lang ako magstay sa s.korea??? nid ur answer mam…

  196. I love your website, Betchay. You have the same pseudonym as my sister. I am well informed because of this site. I’m planning to go to Busan two years from now for marriage, but I have to graduate from my graduate studies first. I hope the visa processing for me would be smooth and easy.

  197. Hi Sir/Madam
    I am pakistani National and i am pakistani Passport holder i have Comapny in Bangkok Thailand i get korea Business visa 4 times from Bangkok Thailand and i been traveld 4th times in south korea at Business visa in 2 years is 5th times i will be on arival or i need 5th times korea Business visa please reply thanks.
    BEST regards

  198. I am Kurdish Iraq and Kurdish Iraq passport holder I like to come to korea I am student at Bank

  199. I would like to come to korea to student because I am student at bank and I like to stay in Korea please I,ll wait replay

  200. Hi. I am Vietnamese, we also do not have any visa-waiver agreement with Korea. However, I do have a valid VISA to CANADA. And also, I have with me my flight ticket from Seoul-Ottawa (Canada) on July 9th.
    If I visit Korea BEFORE July 9th, do I need a VISA?

  201. hi good eve po… ask ko lng po if what requirements to go to Korea, at panu po aq mkakakuha ng visa, I just got married last june 28, 2012, my husbad is US army stationed in Camp Casey Korea, gusto po kasi namin mgkasama before siya bumalik ng US,
    please help…

  202. hi good eve po… ask ko lng po if what requirements to go to Korea, at panu po aq mkakakuha ng visa, I just got married last june 28, 2012, my husbad is US army stationed in Camp Casey Korea, gusto po kasi namin mgkasama before siya bumalik ng US,
    please help…

    1. Hi Juliet! Here are the requirements:
      – Invitation Letter notarized in Korea (original)
      – Photocopy of Invitor’s Military ID and/or passport photocopy of first page
      – Photocopy of Military Order
      – NSO Marriage Certificate (photocopy)
      – USFK Form 166
      – CFO Certificate

        1. oo kasi kailangan kumpletuhin mo muna ang requirements mo bago ka mag-apply sa Korean Embassy… hindi nila tatanggapin ang application mo kung wala ka ng mga documents na kailangan

          1. good eve po… my isa pa po ako question… kailangan ko na po ba ng ticket bago mgapply ng visa? at roundtrip po ba dapat?

  203. good eve po… my isa pa po ako question… kailangan ko na po ba ng ticket bago mgapply ng visa? at roundtrip po ba dapat?

    1. No. Pagagalitan ka pa nila pag bumili ka agad ng ticket ng wala pang visa. So apply ka muna ng visa bago bumili ng ticket.

      1. ok po… pero once na may visa na po ako, pd po ba na one way lng po ticket ko?hnd po kaya ako ma-question pagdating sa immigration?

        1. hi miss betchay..I just want to ask if I also need to show money even though I have Affidavit of Support fro my husband?

  204. i am pakistani guy age is 24 years old and my name is ali
    i want to marry in south korea
    if any one intrested in me contact me soon as soon posible
    my contact number is +923007237674……

  205. gud evening ask ko lng po my visa po ba going to seol korea..kasi bakasyon lng po kami ng fiancee ko dun this coming november.please help me..i will for your reply thank you so much and god bless

  206. dear Ms. Betchay,
    I hold vietnamese passport and french resident card.
    I am going to s.korea in august 15 and back to france (from s.korea) in september 15. Meanwhile, i am going to japan in august 30 and back to s.korea in september 14 (to travel back to france in sept. 15). I have got a single-entry visa for s.korea and japan.
    When i asked the korean embassy how to enter s.korea the second time (in sep. 14), they said i could do just by showing my japanese visa and the ticket from s.korea to france.
    My question is when i am going back from japan to s.korea, i suppose that the japanese visa is no longer valid (with the out-going stamp for example), so how can it helps me to enter s.korea?
    I am looking forwards to your reply.

  207. good morning po mam… so my CFO cert. n po ako with my husband’s lastname, but my passport is still with my lastname when Im single… so makakaapekto po ba ito sa pagkuha ko ng visa? Hope you reply soon 🙂 thanks

    1. How complicated! Hehehe… In Korea, women don’t change their last names so walang kaso. Hindi ko lang alam yung sa CFO certificate kasi minsan ang mga tao sa Immigration sa Airport eh hindi alam ang ginagawa. Talking from experience, kasi nung first time kong umuwi hindi agad ako pinaalis sa Immigration sa Pilipinas kasi hindi nila alam ang gagawin sa CFO ko.

      1. pacenxa na po nklimutan ko po itanung kanina kung magkano po ang visa? para nmn po mpghandaan ko… salamat po ng madami 🙂

  208. good day po…ask ko lang po what po una kong gagawin once na ngpunta na po ako sa Korean Embassy?at ganu po ito katagal?once na naipasa ko na po ba ang requirements na kelangan with application form ei ok na po… sasabhin nlng po nila if kelan ako babalik para makuha visa? please help po

  209. good eve po… kinukuha po ba talaga sa Korean Embassy ang original na CFO cert pg mgaaply ka ng visa?kasi ung akin ei kinuha…please answer po

      1. ok po salamat po sa reply..kasi kinuha po skin ung photocopy of it even the original…, so im worrying na hnd na mpabalik skin ung original… ok mam have a nice day po and god bless

  210. @Juliet, Kanina lang ako nag-apply, photocopy lang kinuha. Sinubmit ko din original ng marriage certificate pero photocopy lang din kinuha. Kelan mo release ng passport mo?

    1. bkit ganun… pati original copy ng cfo ko kinuha nila… ngaaalala tuloy ako bka d n mpblik skin un… tom n release ng skin

      1. Sabi sakin sa CFO, dapat daw ibabalik nila yun. Pag daw hindi, hingin mo daw. Next week pa ako. Pwedeng balitaan mo ko kung approve ka? Please?