Korean singer IVY graduates

Ivy is a famouse Korean singer (about 2 years ago?). That time, she was being pitted against Lee Hyori. My husband and I once had a discussion on who’s the worse singer. It was a draw.
Ivy (Park Eun Hye) received her diploma this morning (February 22) in Seoul’s Dongduk Women’s University. It took her 7 years to finish her undergraduate studies. (It also took me 7 years because I was a working student!). She had a scandal last year when an old flame threatened to release an alleged sex video.
Anyway, congratulations!

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  1. I heard Ivy before I saw her. I think she has a good voice, but she uses them for slutty songs. She is pretty, but I think that ruined her career to become a great singer. Now she’s just competing with Hyori, who admittedly looks great, but has no talent whatsoever – dancing, singing, thinking, etc…

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