Hanayori dango: Korean version!

I saw Meteor Garden almost six years ago when it shown on ABS-CBN in the Philippines. A few years later, I saw the better Japanese version and fell in love with the series once again.
Korean version? Soon. Production for “꽃보다 남자” (kkot boda namja) or “Hanayori Dango” will start by the second half of the year. Excited? You bet. However, I’m not gonna expect something like the Japanese version. It will be produced by Group Eight, the same company that brought us “Fantasy Couple” (Oh Ji Ho) and “Goong S” (Se7en).
Korean netizens are busy doing their own casting for the series. Hehehe…


  1. hello betchay! i received the bookmark you sent me, just this afternoon. i was so surprised, i didn’t expect it at all, cause i sent my email a bit late already. but still, thanks a lot for remembering. it’s really sweet of you.
    and what is this i just read? a korean version of Meteor Garden?! wow, i can’t wait for it! hmm, may naiisip na akong mga pwedeng artista… but too bad, they only need 4 diba? anyways, i’ll keep an eye out for this one. thanks again! hugs

  2. Three enter, only one comes out alive! Which version of Hanayori will win?!
    My money’s on the Korean one too. But only because I’m biased. 😉

  3. gma7 walah ba kayung balak na i remake ang hanayori dango? kasi ang ganda nung story nila ….
    cgeh poh til hir nalang
    thank you!!!!!!

  4. i heard about this from a friend^^..this is quite exciting..knowing how good koreans make their dramas..my korean f4?..how about lee dong gun, kang dong won, lee jun ki and lee dong wook..for the girl’s part?..lee na young…but well, there a lot of talented korean stars anyway…

  5. luv it korean version go korea!!!!!
    if taiwanese version is da best,japanese version is great, therefore korean version is amazing….bcuz a lot of korean stars are talented…..OMG can’t wait 2 watch it in philippines…sana sa ABS CBN i2 ipapalabas..pls….pls…pls..ABS kunin niyo agad….
    i’m sure sisikat agad yan jst like MG….

  6. yeehhh, ABS got it and totally wonderful. They did the great casting and the production really goes big time. I feel in love with the songs and ofcourse Kim as Ji Hoo, his smile, adorable smile, he!he!

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