Don't forget to bring your masks!

Yesterday, there was moderate yellow sand in the afternoon. It peaked in the evening at an “unhealthy” level. I’ve been reading about the effects on health on prolonged exposure to yellow sand and they aren’t to be taken lightly. If you live in Korea, it would be wise to wear a mask when you go outside and take a shower when you get home. I remember that in the Philippines, we were asked to carry wet hankies with us after the Mt. Pinatubo explosion, so we could protect ourselves from the ash emitted by the volcano. Yellow sand contains a lot of harmful elements from sulfur to asbestos.


  1. Hi! Would lurk in your blog occasionally the past two years and I find it informative and entertaining. Like many other Filipinos, I am Korean starstruck, what with Koreanovelas to watch every night. Right now, Coffee Prince is the craze. Anyway, what is yellow sand and where does it come from?

  2. Wow, I thought it wasn’t a big deal and actually something wonderful to behold! I did not know how serious this stuff was! O_O

  3. @Rose >> thanks for visiting… i haven’t seen Coffee Prince… i really prefer watching historical dramas now… yellow sand comes from the Gobi desert in China/Mongolia… the wind carries the sand to Korea in springtime
    @AzureWolf >> and we have to experience it every year!

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