My almost 5-yr old MP3 player

My husband bought a new MP3 player for him, because I wouldn’t lend him mine. I have an MP3 player that he gave to me almost five years ago. It’s the size of a slim cigarette box, has a mirrored surface with FM radio, voice recording and 128MB flash memory. He used to work for the company until he transferred to an LCD TV manufacturer. He now works for another electronics company. What I can say! We’re both jobhoppers.
I love my MP3 player and it has been serving me well. It only has 128MB flash memory but it’s enough to store my favorite Dave Matthews, Ayumi Hamasaki, James Blunt and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole songs (What! no kpop?). The battery is still good as it still plays for eight hours (’twas more than that 5 years ago). I think it’s one of the few MP3 players that is “Made in Korea.” It’s kinda difficult now to find something not “Made in China.” I won’t replace it until it stops working. Just love it!


  1. It is cute, and it looks just like a cigarette box!
    I like what few Korean electronics I have come across. While everyone else was using iPods, I fell in love with the iRiver mp3 players (specifically clix). Then I lost mine – twice, and I just don’t use one at all. T_T

  2. mine is an ipod classic, bought in korea but made in china :). iRiver is good, as far i know its the only Korean branded MP3 player that can compete with iPod.

  3. I heard Cowon has even better players than iRiver… I’ll probably get one when my player dies (hope not!)…

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