Mother's Day Central

Mother’s Day is one of the holidays that I look forward to. We celebrate it on the second Sunday of May, but historically we have been celebrating motherhood since the ancient times. We should learn more about thehistory of Mother’s Day to help us appreciate it even more.
As daughters and sons, it’s never to early to prepare for the occasion. Here’s a Mother’s Day checklist to help you make the holiday extraordinary. There are lots of Mother’s Day activities that you can do.
If you’re far away from your mother (like me) and you need a dose of Motherism, check Mother’s Day Central. The site has chockful of goodies and loads of information about the most important woman in our lives.

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  1. Awwww… my mom is actually coming home from vacation today, so this is perfect timing!
    (btw, you get that e-mail I sent you, or was it marked as spam because of the attachments?)

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