Holy Week in South Korea

It’s Good Friday and I’d barely noticed if my mother hadn’t scolded me. I couldn’t find a calendar here that has the all the “holy” days marked. Believe it or not, South Korea has more Catholic saints than the recognized biggest Catholic country in Asia. They have 103 martyrs canonized by Pope John Paul II, whereas only about 5 million Koreans are Roman Catholics.
Unlike in the Philippines, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday are not official holidays so people still go to work and take their golf bags for a weekend get-away. In my case, I haven’t been practicing the religion for a long time although I still pray. Filipino Catholics troop to Hyewhadong on Sundays for a Tagalog Mass. I had been there a few times but never on a special day like this.


  1. OOOooo, foreshame, Betchay! I am telling on you! =P
    That is such a bummer that you don’t get a vacation, but the bunny holiday was never that big anyway…

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