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The website titled Kaushal Seth is nothing new to me. I often see the name in WordPress theme related sites. As far as I can remember, I’ve used a couple of the themes in the site on my blog. Kaushal Seth offers a variety of free themes and templates not only for WordPress but for Blogger and Textpattern as well.
I’ve used “A Beautiful Day” for a friend’s blog. It is easy on the eye and customizable. I find that he makes a lot of really nice themes that it’s so difficult to choose just once. The good thing is a lot of them are widgetized so they’re easy to tweak according to your taste. You can find single column, two-column and three-column themes on the site. If you really want something special for your WordPress blog, he also makes custom themes for a nominal fee.
Aside from WordPress themes, Kaushal Seth also has a guide to web hosting. I just find that it’s difficult to post a comment on the site. There’s a note that comments are moderated but when I tried to submit a comment, I got an error that I need to log-in. I guess with all the spam comments, you really need to protect your site.

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  1. I used to use WordPress, loved the level of customization and new designs by fans, but then I got lazy and stuck with Vox.
    The settings and customization are not on par, but the privacy options are stellar!
    I liked your other theme, btw. This one is TOO simple. It’s not bad, but the other felt elegant and unique.

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