Dogs as livestock

The article below might anger a lot of animal rights activitists. Dog meat is openly traded in Korea. There are restaurants specializing in 보신탕 (bo-shin-tang or dog stew – also 몽몽탕). What can I say? I haven’t eaten dog meat and I don’t have any plan to. Pet owners here spoil their dogs with nice clothes and expensive food, they would even buy cat tree for their kitties.

Seoul categorizing dogs as livestock
Seoul will propose to the central government that dogs should be categorized as livestock in order to properly regulate the trade of dog meat and strengthen sanitation inspections…
The categorization allows for the mass breeding and butchering of dogs and serving of their meat at restaurants, but does not let the authorities apply regulations for livestock to the trade of dog meat…
For now, the authorities can only take a legal action against those who butcher dogs in a brutal way or cause pollution to the environment during the slaughter process, according to the Law on Animal Protection and the Law on Pollution, respectively.


  1. Although I don’t agree with eating dog, I guess people would ask why I am ok with eating chickens and cows. So, I guess it is ok, even if I would never do it.
    And in that case, humans are a higher priority, so they should pass these laws to make it safer and reduce the chances of disease and sickness for those who do eat dog.

  2. i myself don’t eat dog meat and i don’t have plans to. i’m not gonna disparage them for this, though. it’s a cultural thing thus making a fuss out of it is like making a big deal as to why koreans eat kimchi. talking about double standards, australians eat kangaroo meat. ironically, kangaroos are used as a symbol/emblem of their country. some may contest that eating dog meat is barbaric, how do you call that of the australians?

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