My Sassy Girl trailer – the Hollywood remake

The trailer of the Hollywood remake of the hit Korean movie “My Sassy Girl” is out! It stars Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford. How does it compare to the Korean original? Sorry, it’s really hard to compare since I love the original “My Sassy Girl” (and it’s really too premature to compare since I haven’t seen the remake). I love Cha Tae Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun in the original… but let’s just wait and see. Oh well, I don’t think I’m gonna spend on this one. Judging from the trailer, Elisha is not sassy enough and Jesse, not that geeky.


  1. It seems sweet but it doesn’t strike a cord. The original version was just awesome because asian women were always perceived as timid and obedient – the charm of the original film was the fact that girl is beating up her boyfriend at that it seemed like a weird concept in Asian cinema.. but I will still watch this new version- oh I will wait for it on video..

  2. ^^i hope they won’t remake “The Classic”… i think in Korea, women here act like aegyo 🙂 or are too sweet… so Gianna’s character in My Sassy Girl is really different from the women you see here…

  3. whoa. thanks for sharing. i actually found myself chuckling at the trailer. based entirely on the trailer, the same scenes in the original fell flat to me, like the slapping scene, which is too “gentle and playful” imho. elisha cuthbert ends up looking “flirty” instead of really “scary sassy.” and i don’t really buy either character yet. if they include the shoe-switching scene, i wonder if that would turn out corny. i’d watch this movie, but not in the movie theatre. i just love the original so much that i might walk out of the theatre. 🙁
    i also agree that the “sassy girl” concept was weird because it flies against the stereotype of asian girls.
    i gotta go rewatch my original. 😀

  4. This movie was really made for Asians and to suit Asian humor. i hope they didnt butcher the whole movie like what they did with Il Mare (The Lake House)… what made The Lake House bearable were the lead characters Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, no more no less for me… haha!

  5. i liked My Sassy Girl for the storyline but i’ve never been a fan of the actors or the acting.. and will never be… and everybody knows that Americans sucks when they’re remaking asian films.. i can’t even wait how they will mess up their remake of the Japanese classic Battle Royale.

  6. It actually looks ok to me. Granted, the same charm isn’t there (and the characters don’t even “look” like those types of people – Jun Ji Hyun (sp?) had that “bad girl” look), but I think this will appeal to many romantics.
    The subway looks like a NY one, which, like Cloverfield, will make many people relate and dream.
    If nothing else, it will make more foreigners like me aware of the original and watch that. That will be when things get interesting, because like different versions of a song, the one you are used to usually is what you are biased towards, even if you hate it. So I will be curious what people who see this version believe to be the better one.

  7. The remake looks alright. Too many people are getting too angry bout hollywood remaking another asian flick. Sure hollywood overdoes it and certain things won’t translate or can’t even be translated to american audiences due to different barriers (ie. cultural). People should just wait and see the movie first before labeling it.
    I like the original, but i was annoyed with the lead actress. They should of never made a tv show of the movie.

  8. i love the original sassy girl beacaue it was really touching for me! even if the girl acts as the bad one.
    i love korean movies especially this one in fact i already watch it for a several times cause it’s so great! i think the remake is not as good as the original one! i love both leadind actor and actress and they both fit to the movie they did a great job! Even though they remake the movie i will still watch it.

  9. Disappointing trailer. I think Bradford is a good actor though. Elisha? I don’t really know because I’ve never seen her movies. But judging by the trailer, she’s not doing well.
    My Sassy Girl (the original Korean version) is like a revolutionary romantic movie because it’s one of the few movies I’ve seen that doesn’t have any real sex/kissing scenes but still it doesn’t fail to move its audience. Also, I think it’s a story for conservative, brutally frank feminists like me. LOL. I just love the characters and the Korean actors are great. They’re very expressive and almost effortless in conveying their emotions.
    I do not expect the Hollywood version to be funny like the original one. But guess what? I’m still gonna watch it for curiousity’s sake.

  10. Well I like this one just because its Elisha Cuthbert, other than that…the original is still better for me.
    I wonder though since they changed some of the plot if it will look different. Maybe we are expecting too much that is why it looks to us that the original is better..but for those Westeners who have not seen the asian version..the trailer might actually be interesting.

  11. I hate people who compare originals and remakes, or who will judge a remake without watching it. I watched the original before the Hollywood remake and I like both based on their own merits. If the Korean version was literally translated for a Western audience it would flop. If they attempted to import the movie in its original form its reception would not have been well received, because the Girl’s character in the Korean version is TOO over the top and the characters were overused character tropes (the sassy girl and the geeky guy). It retains its charm, however, because it’s Korean.
    What I liked about the remake was that it focused on the emotional aspect of the story — in particular Jordan. You begin to understand that there’s more to her behaviour that what we see, because that is more sustained and emphasised in the story. In the Korean version, there’s the “comedic” part and then the “dramatic” part. The Korean version was cute rather than some great cinematic achievement like the purists claim. To be honest, even after I found out why the Girl behaved the way she did, I couldn’t empathise with her. With Jordan, in the remake, I found her less annoying as the film progressed because it was never over the top and little by little we chipped away at her character until her motivations and compulsions are finally revealed in the letter.
    Based on their own merits I liked both. I appreciate the Korean one for introducing me to this story, and I liked it for what it was — Korean idiosyncracies included. However, this is one instance where I feel the remake was just as good. I liked that the remake dropped hints of how Jordan and Charlie were connected — in particular, how much Charlie looked like his cousin/her dead fiance. Even though it wasn’t made overtly obvious, it did make things fall into place neater in the end. The ‘destiny’ theme was very well weaved into the story.
    The remake, the film itself, I think, is very well made. In particular: the direction and cinematography. For one thing, the film is set in Autumn, which really reflected the story beautifully (because Autumn is the season associated with ‘transition’). Yann Samuell also directed another of my favourite romances, a French film called Love Me If You Dare (French title: Jeux D’enfants), and both films have the same aesthetic and tone.
    I’m usually not a big fan of remakes but I think this is one instance in which it was successful. It’s a shame fans of the original will write it off without viewing it, because I really think it does the story’s essential message and sentiment justice; one only need to view it with an open mind.

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