Kimbap (ajumma)

When I don’t feel like preparing food at home or when my husband and I are traveling early in the morning, we just buy kimbap. It’s a Korean dish of rice plus veggies (or other ingredients) rolled and wrapped in dried seaweed. At the kimbap shop nearest our place (Changsin station, exit 2), one roll is priced at 1,000 won (roughly $1) and one is enough to fill my big stomach. Really! Two rolls is just too much. Kimbap (김밥) is a combination of the words “kim” (ê¹€ dried seaweed/laver) and “bap/pap” (ë°¥ rice).
Traditional filling for kimbap are spinach, eggs, carrots, ham, and pickled radish. However, you can find kimbaps with a variety of other fillings. Two of my favorites are 참지 (tuna) and 닭꼬치 (chicken barbeque). I’ve fondly called the ajumma (married lady) selling kimbap near our place as “kimbap ajumma” and she doesn’t mind. One of her kimbap specialty is 매닭김 (mae-dalk-kim) which is short for spicy chicken barbeque kimbap. True enough it is really spicy. She spreads hot sauce over the rice before she layers on the chicken barbeque. At 2,200 won it is still cheap and filling! And I might need some natural appetite suppressant to help me resist these delicious food!


  1. hi….i really enjoy reading your blog…since i’ve got no filipino friends in korea, reading ur blog makes me feel like i have someone to rely on from time to time….keep up the good work….
    p.s. you live near changsin station line 6?

  2. Kimbap is pretty popular over here, but unfortunately it is known by most by its pseudonym “Korean sushi.” I think it is a shame though, because it is like saying it’s sushi but made differently, when really, it is like comparing apples and oranges: similar, related, but two different things.
    If you ever come to NY, I think you would like Ktown, since there is one small store called E-Mo’s that is run by a husband and a wife, and the lady is just like the one you described, haha.

  3. Oooh…I like korean food, those foods looks good.
    I like bibimbap and kalbi,too. Thanks Bethchay for all the infos you’re giving us in your blog.

  4. @GIDGET >> thank you for visiting… if you ever come to seoul, tell me and i’ll bring you to my favorite korean restaurant 🙂
    @AzureWolf >> Unfortunately for Korea, it is not as popular as its neighbors in the east and west. My husband and I likes sushi and sashimi. When my sister and I went to NY, we thought of having dinner at Little Italy, but we ended up in a small place in Chinatown. I didn’t get to visit Ktown in NYC or even in LA.

  5. Betchay, thank you for the invitation…I’m looking forward seeing you when I visit Korea. If you ever come to San Francisco Bay area let me know and I’ll take you around.

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