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Last October, I had a chance to meet a Fil-Am family from San Francisco. Kuya Ed and Ate Vi (who never travels without a travel insurance) with their two lovely daughters spent five days during the Thanksgiving vacation touring Seoul and visiting the filming locations of “Winter Sonata.” They are big fans of Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo.
Since they were spending most of the time in Seoul, I told them it would be more economical to buy a transportation card. Basic subway fare is 1,000 won but you could get a 100 won discount with the card. In addition, you won’t be charged extra when you transfer to a bus.
The transportation card that they bought is the U-Pass. Each costs 2,000 won plus load. Kuya Ed and Ate Vi’s daughters are high school aged and they were given the student card, allowing them additional discount.
When they left, they sent three of the four transportation cards they bought to me. I still have the two cards however I gave away one to a Filipina friend. Kuya Ed and Ate Vi kept one of the student cards for souvenir.


  1. Awww, that was real sweet of them…
    Whenever I am at a new place, I always search for these “upfront” discounts. I think they add up.

  2. HI!
    Winner! im excited when i saw ur blog. im going there and im alone my friends will come too but after 2 days pa. im planning to roam incheon for a day before going to seoul, ok lang ba na sumakay ng arex even after a day of ur arrival? la lang naisip ko lang kasi baka kailangan upon ur arrival u have to board arex agad to “avail” of their service. Saka would u know what time their schedule would be? as in 24 hours po ba ito? thank you soooo much! u can email me po if u want to..thanks!

    1. Hi! You can get it at the airport at any convenience store. There are several convenience stores at the airport arrival floor. You can also get the Seoul City Pass instead and you can load more than 2,000 won.

      1. Gee… thank you so much! This is very helpful. Thanks for creating this website, I’m really learning a lot!

  3. hi, we will be going to korea this year, and wala pa po ako alam regarding sa transpo and all , a little help po, and mas ok ba na kumuha ng tour guide šŸ™ i would love to see all the historical sites

    1. HI! I will be posting a better guide soon since I’ll be opening a studio apartment for tourists šŸ™‚

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